Monday, 27 May 2013

Chapter Ninety One

Upon arrival in Ynys o Niwl, Robin took the family first to pay their respects to the rulers of the island, Amaethon and Murigen fab Don.  
Before introductions could be made, Murigen insisted that all be seated and summonsed spare chairs with her magic to enable this before turning to Robin;

"Welcome First and Oldest, it is good to see you once again and you do our court much honour with your presence.  Is it true that you have found the lost and brought them home to us at long last?"

"Indeed I have my lady, this is Elenie, the latest heir to the prophecy, her half-brother Coryn and their grandmother Miralys."
"So, where are these children's parents?  What has happened to them?"

"Alas, Morgana found them, one of her knights slew Elenie's father and bewitched her mother, begetting young Coryn here on her.  Rhiannon's son, Ieaun, found them and aided Elenie with the assistance of a unicorn who had adopted the family.  I was alerted to what was going on but Nicodur was able to escape and take Dorilys with him."
Amaethon and Murigen digested this and then asked Miralys to tell them as much as she knew about her family's history, after which they promised that they would explain what they could of the prophecy Robin had spoken of previously and what it meant for them.

Once Mira had finished recounting what she knew of their family history, Amaethon began to expand upon the prophecy which Robin had told them about previously.

"Long ago, there was a young fae woman from this land, named Clemetis.  She went wandering amongst the mortal realms and we lost track of her; when we realised she was lost, we consulted a seer to try and find her.  That seer told us not to look for Clemetis, and foretold that she would never return to the fae realms.  Her descendants however would and eventually would bring about the downfall of the wicked vampire lord, Dracula."

"I do not intend to tell you everything in that prophecy - much has not yet happened and to tell you about it could create many problems and even prevent the completion of the prophecy.  However, I can tell you some of what has already come to pass; it was prophesied that three generations would be aided in turn by dragons' blood.  Miralys, you spoke of your late husband's involvement in the Dragon Order of Shang Simla - yours was the first generation to be so aided; Elenie, what do you know about your father and his family?"

Elenie was startled and replied "Almost nothing, Gran showed me a painting of him, but I was only a toddler when he died and I've never met any of his family."

"Well, your father's grandfather was a very powerful dragon himself.  At one point in his long life, he had a relationship with a mortal woman and your grandmother was the result, along with several siblings.  In fact, you have a great-uncle living in this realm - the first child of your great-grandfather and a full dragon - when Rhiannon Glyndwr had a vision of you and her then unborn son, Talfryn, your great-uncle, recognised you as being from his father's line."

"Finally, there is your young friend, Ieaun, his family are direct descendants of the great Owain Glyndwr and his family crest is the red dragon of Wales."
At this point Murigen took over again.  "I know you have many questions, but understand we have told you all we can for the time being.  There is a house waiting for you on this isle, and we have asked Robin to take you there.  I'm afraid it's in somewhat of a state of disrepair at the moment but it will not take long to bring it back to its full glory."
Their audience was clearly over and Robin escorted the family over to a somewhat derelict old inn which would be their home from now on.  

As Elenie and Coryn raced off to explore the house, Robin bade Miralys farewell.

"I hope you will enjoy this house, I know it looks in a terrible state, but believe me, it will take far less to restore it than you might think.  However, before I go, I know back on Dragon Falls you had a small museum to store your family treasures, so I have acquired a place here for you to do the same, now farewell, I may drop by if I am around again."
Exploring the house, the family discovered that it was quite sizeable and clearly had been a very well looked after place in its day; there were still a few paintings around the house showing scenes from its history, but little was left of that glory.

It was when Elenie found the old innkeepers rooms on the very top floor that it happened.  She was looking around, absent-mindedly playing with her fae magic when she sensed a presence.  She paused and listened with all her senses and realised that the presence she sensed was the house itself.

As she did so, a flare of magic passed over her, blinding her for a second.  When she was able to see again, she saw that the room had changed completely.  Even the walls had moved around leaving a beautifully decorated bedroom in her favourite colour with a door leading to an en-suite bathroom!

Outside, the garden had been utterly transformed from a desolate wasteland into a beautiful relaxing spot and the transformations echoed all through the house.
While Elenie witnessed the astonishing transformation of the house, Miralys had taken Coryn to visit the empty museum which Robin had given her the keys to.  Getting there they discovered it was an old Roman style building, in good condition but completely empty.
A great deal of work later, Miralys and Coryn had transformed the place, putting all the family treasures they had brought from their old home on display.  Unfortunately they had not been able to bring everything - when it came to packing up their stuff from their old house they had discovered that Nik's final spell had destroyed many of the personal treasures they had around the house - fortunately however his spell had not extended to the museum which Mira's father had established all those years ago.

When she had recovered from the shock of the magic which had swept through the building, Elenie explored the changed house and discovered that an old set of outbuildings had been transformed into a large greenhouse.  She immediately decided to go looking for somewhere she could buy some seeds to plant.
She had also discovered that the old coach-house had been turned into a garage and had been delighted to find a set of magic brooms for riding on!

After flying around the island for a short while, she discovered an open market where she was able to buy seeds for planting and some fresh food for them to cook with.

When she got home, she carefully poured out some cat food for the cats, which she had purchased from the grocery store on the edge of the market.

While Coryn tried his hand at cooking and put together a respectable salad for their evening meal.