Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chapter Forty Eight

Early in the morning Miralys phoned up a number of her friends and arranged to meet in one of Dragon Falls' many parks for a casual get together
She and Quyhn played a game of chess and Quyhn commiserated with her over Jo's death the night before.
Some of their other friends, spent the afternoon catching up on their homework together
And later in the afternoon some of them dropped by the diner for a meal
Before taking a brief tour of the theatre, Miralys was however mindful of the lecture she'd had previously from her mother about staying out late and made sure they all left in plenty of time to get home before curfew
Menolly meanwhile had decided not to push her luck by sneaking out a second day in a row and mooched around the house, she spent a lot of time playing her bass
 And poured her miseries out to the cats
But she couldn't resist setting up some booby traps around the house while everyone else was out 
Even that failed to lift her mood much however and she retreated to her bed to sulk
As she went to booby trap one of the showers, Jo's death suddenly hit her and she screamed her frustrations & unhappiness to the empty house
That night, Tamara found herself unable to sleep, overcome with grief over Jo's death and unhappily reminded of the loss of her own family, she took Midnight out for a nighttime ride
As she dismounted at the quiet pool Midnight had taken her to, she was amazed to see a beautiful unicorn pacing slowly towards her, shimmering in the moonlight
Tamara was even more thrilled when he deigned to accept a carrot from her
And as she whispered to him and stroked his mane she felt some of the weight of her grief dissipate
After some time she heard a soft voice in her head, "Mortal, my name is Shimmer and I choose to make my home with you for a while"
Tamara mounted Shimmer and rode him home 
As he settled into their home, Tamara found that tending to him soothed her grief
The next morning was a school day again and, true to her word, Tamara drove Menolly to school and stood watching until she had gone into the building
That done, she spent the day taking Cinnamon over the training fences, and looking after all the horses.
Joshua tended his garden as usual, his steak and patty plants were improving in quality and he hoped soon to get them up to perfect quality, a contact at the restaurant had told him that if he could get enough high quality steaks they would be able to get him some seeds to a very special plant 
Showering after that, he was caught by one of Menolly's traps and was less than impressed
Miralys had waited after school for Menolly to finish in her band class, Tamara had asked her to make sure her little sister made it home from school on time, fortunately she had been asked to play in a game and so she didn't have to just sit around waiting for hours 
When they got home, Menolly begged her mother for forgiveness and a let off, but Tamara remained adamant.   
Menolly stomped off to talk to Fluff instead 
"None of them understand me!  They're just a bunch of mean yetis!"  She moaned as Fluff meowed back
Miralys had been taking her responsibilities towards Cinnamon seriously and, as her sister sulked about her punishment, she carefully groomed Cinnamon and cleaned her hooves
Those done, she took Cinnamon for a brief ride along the beach, enjoying the peace and quiet and the exercise 
Shimmer consented to allow Tamara to ride him in the horse races and they came a respectable third in the cross country 
Meanwhile Dune, Cinnamon's foal, grew up to look very much like his mother, albeit with slightly less markings
After the race, Tamara was astounded to discover Shimmer had some special abilities as he took them from the Equestrian Centre to home in a flash of light
Once she got back from her ride, Miralys asked Joshua for help with her homework and they sat outside in the dusk for a while working on it
After the rest of the house had gone to bed, Shimmer introduced himself to Cinnamon  
 Who was only too happy to go into the stall with him...
As the household slept, Jo came out of her grave to check on her grandchildren
Floating round the house, she spotted the trap Menolly had put on the laptop and triggered it, not wanting her youngest grandchild to get into any more trouble 
Joshua and Tamara woke up early, before anyone else in the house and, rather than get up just yet, decided to spend some quality time together...
Later in the morning (although still early) they made their way downstairs and ate a quiet breakfast together 
Tamara knew she would get a better price for Dune if he was trained, so she rode him down to the training grounds 
Where she had him practice over the jumps for the day
Shimmer followed them and chose to spend the time racing  
As the day moved on, Dune became tired of training and Tamara knew he wouldn't learn anything further that day, it was nearly time for the day's race so she mounted Shimmer and rode him to the Equestrian Centre for the race
Both Miralys and Menolly had been taken on a field trip to the hospital with their class that day
When they got back, neither of their parents were home, Tamara was training Dune and Joshua was fishing
The first thing Miralys did when she got in was feed Cinnamon a carrot and brush her coat
After which she ate some leftovers from the fridge while Menolly practised her bass noisily 
Having finished eating, Miralys did some chores round the house, putting the laundry out to dry
Before putting on a fitness video and working on her fitness
With both parents out the house and her sister occupied with her exercising, Menolly sneaked out of the house, she was fed up of this tiny island, and of her parents telling her what she could and couldn't do...
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