Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Nine

Immediately following Menolly's birthday, Joshua and Tamara decided they had enough money to give the whole family a holiday.  They went to France, leaving Smudge, Fluff and the foals in the care of Tamara's family, and stayed at the hotel where Joshua and Tamara had spent their honeymoon (Albeit the hotel had been extensively renovated in the meantime)
 Miralys and Menolly spent their first day in France playing on the playground which had been added to the hotel, under Jo's watchful eye
 While Tamara took Midnight for some long gallops in the French countryside 
 That evening they all met up for dinner at a local cafe 

 In the morning, Miralys had a lovely early morning swim in the indoor swimming pool  
While Menolly (who hated the water) and her mother read 
 And Jo cooked breakfast for them all
 Joshua meanwhile had become fascinated with the French skill of nectar making and spent the first two days of the holiday up at the Nectary learning how to make nectar himself
Back at the hotel, Jo and Tamara relaxed in the hot-tub in the grounds 
While Miralys and Menolly got to know some of the local children who had come over to play 
Joshua continued practising his nectar making 
Before sitting by the fire for a while and reading a book on the subject 
Miralys and Menolly had their dinner with their grandmother 
While Joshua and Tamara ate together later once Joshua returned from the Nectary 
 On the last day of their holiday, Jo took the children to the local museum to give Joshua and Tamara some time alone
Miralys and Menolly were fascinated by the various exhibits both from France
 And from rather further afield
Back at the hotel, Joshua and Tamara were making the most of their time alone 
 They had a lovely date, something they'd not had time to do since the girls had been born 
And Joshua presented Tamara with some beautiful white roses 
Before the two of them adjourned to the hot tub together...
 And concluded their last night in France with some stargazing
As the evening drew on, Jo took the girls down to the local store to pick up some momentos of their journey 
 And dropped by the Nectary to buy Joshua a nectar machine so he could continue his new hobby at home 
Once all the shopping was done, Miralys rounded off their trip by telling her grandmother and little sister a spooky ghost story one of the local boys had told her 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Eight

At the weekend the whole family gathers in the kitchen to eat breakfast together
Whilst outside, Cashew feeds her foals their own breakfast 
 Having being nursed by her mother, Cinnamon wandered around the garden inquisitively
Before Miralys came out to play with her 
Tamara had shown Miralys how to care for a horse and so Mira put this into action as part of her plan to make friends with the foals 
Later, she played a couple of games of chess against her father 
 And tried out the mini oven her parents had got her, it was perfect for muffins and cookies
 In the evening Mira bottle-fed Thunder while Cinnamon nursed from Cashew
Inside, Joshua continued to read books to little Menolly 
After dinner that night, Joshua and Tamara decided that they'd been rather too busy with the children and decided to spend some time reconnecting... 
 Outside, Fluff had been practising her hunting skill 
As well as playing pounce with Smudge 
 Joshua's new garden was coming along well, with the first fruits ready to be harvested 
While Tamara and Midnght were gaining great plaudits for their success in the races
 Joshua had also found that having horses provided an excellent source of fertilizer for his garden
And he was able to sell more and more produce 
But he still made time to help Miralys with her homework 
 And of course to brush and play with Fluff and Smudge
 Soon however, it was Menolly's birthday
She grew up into a lovely young girl (I'm afraid I can't remember what her third trait is, will check when I next play my game)
 And immediately joined her sister at the chess table for a game

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