Thursday, 8 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Four

Tamara's younger sister, Sofia, decided to pay the family a visit
While Tamara went out to greet her sister (and get her inside away from the sun as soon as possible) Jo was teaching her granddaughter how to walk 
Shortly after Sofia arrived, Tamara gained confirmation that she was pregnant 
 She went in to tell her sister and found her playing with Fuzz and wearing some fancy maternity clothes - Sofia then revealed that she too had just discovered she was pregnant.
After some general catching up, Sofia told Tamara that she had fallen in love with Fuzz and Tamara found herself giving both Fuzz and Sooty to her sister
Once Sofia had left, Tamara took up where Jo had left off in teaching Miralys to walk
And when Jo got back from work she got straight on to repairing the broken tv and stereo 
Before refilling the cats' bowl with gourmet pet food she'd cooked earlier 
Joshua had gone back up to the mountain lake to fish, he kept hoping that one day he'd see the unicorn again but it seemed that was not to happen tonight 
Every day one of the family would work on potty training Miralys 
And they took it in turns to bottle feed the little foal when he was hungry (and Arashi wasn't nearby to nurse him) 
 Joshua's garden was coming along nicely
 As was Miralys' walking
After some time, Joshua was able to take another batch of produce down to the store to sell 
 While Tamara moved on to teaching Miralys to talk 
And Jo worked on the household appliances, fixing and upgrading them 
  Tamara enjoyed long bubble baths now that she was pregnant, they eased her backache
 But it wasn't long before her contractions began 
 She gave birth at home again, not trusting hospitals, and they called their second daughter Menolly
 While Jo continued her efforts at teaching Miralys to talk
 And Joshua looked after the garden
Now that she was no longer pregnant and could ride again, Tamara took Arashi down to the Equestrian Centre and sold her for a nice profit 
 She invested some of the profit in a new horse, a mare named Cashew
That night, as the two of them ate together and Jo cooked, Joshua suggested that they should find a larger property now they had two children, preferably one with sufficient space for Tamara to train her horses properly

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  1. Aw, cute pet spam is awesome!
    What is the baby's name?

  2. Oops, did I forget to include that? She's called Menolly & her traits so far are virtuoso (which I chose) and hydrophobic

    *runs off to edit*

  3. Ooh; can't wait for the new house.

    And the horses are so adorable! <3

  4. Oh, my. Your pet spam just makes my heart melt! I was sad to see you sell Arashi, but I totally get it. They definitely need a bigger house, lol.

    Menolly is a very pretty, very unique name. Which one is heir? Have you decided yet?

  5. Miralys and Menolly are really neat names. Where did you find them?