Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chapter Thirty Three

Jo was determined to upgrade all the plumbing to self-cleaning before her time was up
 Outside Midnight and Arashi were spending all their free time together
 Tamara spent the morning looking after Miralys
And in the afternoon (once he'd finished in the garden) Joshua took his turn looking after Miralys

Jo was downstairs upgrading the dishwasher when Sooty had her kittens whom the family named Fluff and Fuzz 
 Tamara was finally able to get back to racing Midnight now that Miralys had been born
 Fluff and Fuzz were adorable, both of them had their father's colouring but Fuzz had his mother's smooth coat while Fluff had her father's thick coat
 Once Jo had finished cooking dinner
She went upstairs to change and feed her granddaughter 
Sooty made sure to groom her kittens on a regular basis 
 Tamara was doing the laundry  
When Joshua surprised her with a passionate kiss and suggested they go upstairs... 
He then proceeded to join Tamara in the shower...
 Jo continued to help Joshua in the garden, she enjoyed spending the time with her son and helping him with something he enjoyed
 Joshua went back up to the mountain pool to fish but didn't see the unicorn again
 He did though make it home in time for Miralys' first birthday
 She grew up into an adorable little girl and inherited her maternal grandmother's colouring
 Joshua was determined to give her a better childhood than he'd had so he got started on her potty training immediately
He had also provided her with some fun (and educational) toys  
And Mira made straight for the peg box 
 Downstairs, Tamara had the feeling that their frolic in the shower had started them on the road to giving Mira a little brother or sister
 Once she was feeling a little better she spent some time fussing Fluff (while Fuzz slept)
Before going upstairs to put Mira to bed 
That night, the family discovered just how close Midnight and Arashi had been getting as Arashi gave birth to a foal 

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  1. Woo! Lots of animals; your house must be huge! *I'm too lazy to do the math* ; )

    Mira is cute.

  2. My sims' house isn't big enough! I'm going to have to move them again

  3. *squeals*

  4. Mira is really cute! And all the baby animals! Squee!
    I really love the wallpaper in the nursery. It's like a wall of Smudge, lol.

  5. Wow! MORE BABIES! <3

    I love your family, Ali. They are so sweet.

  6. Wow! You had a full house! Mira is so cute, and I love the nursery.