Thursday, 17 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Eight

Midnight soon settled into his new home, the hay Tamara had forked out for him was much more delicious that grass
He had no trouble getting used to sleeping in a stall rather than under the open sky
In the morning, as the family gardened they discovered the downside of having a horse around - Midnight turned out to be very partial to carrots and started grazing on Joshua's crops!
Joshua scolded him for eating the carrots
And quickly built a fence around his precious crops
Tamara mounted up ready to practice her riding, but managed to get herself all back to front
Jo had recently been promoted to a five star chef - the highest accolade possible in the culinary world
Joshua took some more crops down to the consignment store
Before spending the rest of the day fishing peacefully in the lake
Having finally managed to get herself facing the right way, Tamara rode Midnight down to the training grounds where the practised together
Once they were done, Midnight ate some of the hay left out 
While Tamara bought an ice-cream from the (rather creepy) ice-cream van
However creepy the van was, the ice-cream tasted wonderful
That evening she visited the city hall to register as a horsewoman
The next morning Jo decided to try one of the French recipes Joshua and Tamara had brought back for her
While the young couple worked on Joshua's garden
The crepes turned out brilliantly
While the humans in the family ate, Smudge introduced himself to Midnight
Tamara forked out some more hay where Midnight had eaten it all
While Jo and Joshua worked on the garden
Tamara then rode across town to the Equestrian Centre where she was able to earn a nice amount of money having Midnight stand stud
They then rode around for a while enjoying the beautiful scenery
Before entering their first race, a beginners trophy
Tamara was delighted when they won and showered Midnight with praise
Before realising she hadn't quite got the hang of dismounting  as she fell off in the process...
Jo had whipped up some special horse granola for her and Tamara fed this to Midnight as a extra prize for his performance
Back home, Smudge decided to join Joshua in fishing in the nearby park


  1. Love the shot of Tamara falling off Midnight! lol.

  2. Life seems so much nicer, calmer, more organised than ever for the little family. Jo should be happy and very proud of herself and her son :)