Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Six

As they sat down to breakfast on their return from honeymoon, Jo suggested that the young couple should take her room (with the double bed) and she would move upstairs to Joshua's room
 Joshua then spent the day adding his new plants to his growing garden
 Before tending the existing plants
Jo spent her time playing with Smudge
 While Tamara spent the day watching and following a beautiful wild horse she'd fallen in love with
 Eventually she managed to get close enough to the horse to persuade him to sniff her hand
 And then to accept an apple from Joshua's garden
While the horse was eating from her hand Tamara was able to stroke him and marvelled at the feeling 
 She watched him run around for a while longer before heading home
 That night when Joshua went to bed, he had to move Smudge from the bed first 
 Smudge was not impressed
As the two of them relaxed on the bed, Tamara gushed about the gorgeous horse she'd spent the day watching 
Before kissing Joshua good night (and a few other things...) 
In the morning, Jo repaired the dishwasher (which had broken the night before) while Joshua and Tamara got their breakfast from the fridge 
 Once she'd finished her repairs (Joshua couldn't stand strangers in the house so Jo had wound up doing them all herself) she joined her son and daughter-in-law at breakfast
Once Joshua had gone outside to tend the garden, Tamara and Jo bonded over the remains of breakfast 
 Jo had finally managed to upgrade the TV so she watched a cookery programme, hoping to pick up some new recipes, while Smudge did his best to destroy another scratching post
 Joshua happily looked after his garden, enjoying the peace and quiet
 While Tamara ventured back to the small lake and waterfall where she'd last seen the wild horse
 She was delighted to find he was there again and spent a long time watching him
 Before making further attempts to win his trust
Letting him sniff her hand and feeding him treats
 Until he deigned to let her stroke him 
 Joshua spent some of his evening fishing in the lake, watching the stars as he did so
When he got home, he finally remembered to give Jo the recipe books they'd picked up for her in France 
Before retiring to bed (and his loving wife...) 


  1. I want babies : )

    That is all.

    I forgot to comment last time but Tamara made a beautiful young adult. Joshua did good.

  2. No babies yet I'm afraid, I need them to earn enough for a bigger house first!

  3. That wild horse is very pretty!
    And it is nice to see Josh doing so well and happy after his difficult childhood.

  4. Awww. Adorable chapter is adorable!

    I agree with yang: I am glad to see everything is working out for those two. ;)

  5. Joshua and Tamara are so SWEET together! Like sugary. Love them though!