Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Four

While Joshua gardened 
Jo got on with the household chores, including the laundry
 Before spending much of the day fussing and playing with Smudge
 Having finished gardening for the day, Joshua got dressed and headed off to the Bistro where he had arranged to meet Tamara
 They had a lovely meal outside together
 Before adjourning to the local Pool Club where they spent some considerable time kissing and so forth
 Joshua presented Tamara with a beautiful bunch of flowers
Before dropping to one knee in the traditional fashion

"Tamara, I love you deeply, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" 
Tamara was utterly thrilled at his proposal

"Of course I will Joshua, I love you too!"
 He slipped the ring onto her finger
And she threw her arms around him in happiness 
 The next day, Jo had to mend the toilet first thing 
While Joshua ate his breakfast
 She then sat down to read for a while 
 Before making yet another attempt to upgrade the TV
 Smudge spent the day running round the neighbourhood, and made the acquaintance of a raccoon
 Joshua hurried through his gardening that morning
Dropped his latest batch of produce off at the store 
 And fished in the lake for an hour or two
Before running to meet Tamara as they'd arranged the previous day 
She was playing her bass outside the local diner, but quickly stopped once Joshua arrived
The two of them hopped into her car and Tamara drove them to the Lodge 
 Joshua bought them drinks 
And the two of them did all the usual dating things, gazing adoringly into each other's eyes... 
 After a while the two of them moved out onto the terrace and, looking out over the town and the lake, they exchanged their vows and wedding rings privately
Sealing the marriage with a kiss 


  1. I've spent the morning reading your legacy, and I have to say I love Joshua, he's such an adorable character. btw, Tamara's wedding outfit rocks, I like how you stayed away from the tradional white dress... :D

  2. Aww! So cute! Joshua turned out very well as an adult, and I'm so glad things are working out between him and Tamara.

    I agree with Il about her wedding outfit. That dress is so pretty!

  3. I originally had a more traditional wedding outfit planned for her, but when I decided to have a private wedding rather than a wedding party it seemed a bit out of place so I chose a more versatile formal outfit for her

  4. They look very happy :)
    Joshua was Jo's best 'oops'. ;)