Monday, 7 November 2011

Chapter Twenty One

Jo ate her breakfast while Smudge still slept on the sofa, she didn't have the heart to wake him up & turf him off, especially when he looked so cute
 Joshua started the day, as always, gardening
 Having finished eating, Jo chatted to her work colleagues on the phone while Smudge ate
Once he had finished tending the garden, Joshua ate some of the pancakes Jo had made earlier using the produce from his garden 
 It was Saturday so he went to the nearby park to meet Tamara for a date
They spent some time together in the park, chatting and so forth 
Before Tamara suggested they head over to Hans Tavern & Cafe 
They had some delicious drinks
And spent the afternoon dancing together
Before ending their evening in the hot tub up at the Lodge
 Back home, after she'd finished chatting on the phone, Jo lavished attention on Smudge, brushing his coat well
 After a while though, Smudge got bored and decided to go down to the park and try fishing
 As well as spending some time hunting
 Whilst out adventuring he met a wild horse 
Before going back home where Jo played with him before she went to bed 
Joshua was late home and hungry when he got in 
The next morning was his birthday and he slid down the stairs excitedly 
He went straight outside to look after his growing garden 
While Jo spent some time reading
 Before getting to work on upgrading the shower so it would clean itself 
Smudge went hunting 
Unfortunately, Jo had to go to work that afternoon and she knew she was unlikely to be back in time to see Joshua grow up, so before she had to leave she gave him his present and a cake and told him to invite Tamara over for dinner as she knew he wouldn't want a party 
Joshua had grown some better quality fruit and vegetables so he decided to plant it and see if he could grow some better plants
 As the afternoon drew on he phoned Tamara to invite her over 
 They had a small birthday celebration
Just Joshua, Tamara and Smudge 
Joshua grew up shy, but seemed rather impressed with himself all the same 
 Jo made it home just after Joshua had grown up and the three of them sat down to eat birthday cake together
After eating their fill, Jo spent some time chatting to her son's girlfriend while Joshua cuddled Smudge 


  1. Yay, generation 2! Josh's shy trait fits well with the No Strangers rule, too.

  2. Smudge is sooooooooo cute :) Josh is interesting, hot mysterous interesting :P

  3. I love the Smudge spam, and watching him hunt around the neighborhood. So adorable.

    Joshua is lookin' mighty fine; can't wait to see his future children. ;)

  4. I love what you did with Hans Cafe.

  5. Girlfriend meets mom. I'd love to know what Jo thought of Tamara.