Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Three

 As usual, Joshua got up early to garden in his pyjamas...
 While Jo did the laundry
 And worked on upgrading the TV (as Smudge sharpened his claws on the scratching post)
 Once he'd finished with the scratching post, Smudge went out to hunt as Joshua was finishing up in the garden
 Joshua then went in and ate some leftover cake while Jo cooked
He then decided to pay a visit to the gym
Where he spent a couple of hours working out on the weights 
 After buffing himself up a little, Joshua headed over to Tamara's house 
 Tamara had aged up a couple of days after him, but had yet to decide what to do with her life
 The two of them spent the evening hanging out together at her house
 When Tamara's father arrived home, Joshua approached him and asked for her hand in marriage
"So, why should I let my daughter marry a mere mortal like you?"

"Because I love her Mr Fields-Vamp and I'll do everything in my power to make her happy"

"Very well then, as long as she consents, but don't bother with a church ceremony, most of the family would be unable to attend and we feel a simple, private exchange of vows is sufficient" 
Joshua then went home, tired but happy, and ate some of the food Jo had been cooking that lunchtime 
Jo by this time was fast asleep, with Smudge curled up on the bed next to her 
 The next morning she made pancakes again 
 And ate them alone
 While Joshua gardened
 And planted fresh seeds
Before taking the remainder of his produce down to sell in the consignment store
Later that day, Jo met up with Tamara in the park behind their house 
 After spending some time chatting and getting to know each other
 Tamara suggested the two of them go to the local salon and get Jo a makeover
 Jo was uncertain, but eventually agreed
And in the end professed herself very pleased with how the makeover had turned out 
 Following which, the two of them spent some time relaxing in one of the hot tubs at the back of the salon
Once he'd turned his fresh produce over to the consignment store, Joshua spent a happy, solitary, hour or so fishing in the lake 
 Before heading over to the gym for a bit more of a workout
 Jo got home well before Joshua and had finished her meal and was fussing Smudge by the time he got in and ate 


  1. I love Jo's makeover, together with that and the new house you can really see how much better her life is now. :)

  2. Joshua shirtless-HAWT! Whoo! He's a good lookin' boy, that's for sure!