Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Seven

The next morning Smudge decided to wake Joshua and Tamara up early
 Tamara and Jo offered to give Joshua a hand in the garden, which he accepted gratefully
 Once they were done they ate breakfast, after which Jo began to read the French recipe books and Tamara phoned her parents to catch up
 She then drove Joshua down to the consignment store
Where he sold some more produce 
 Before the two of them went up to the small lake by the waterfall and spent some time together fishing
 As night fell, the wild horse arrived to drink from the lake
 Poor Smudge had been relegated to the sofa now that Joshua and Tamara were sharing the double bed 
 *Smudge spam*
Jo made pancakes for breakfast 
 And the family ate together while Smudge practiced hunting his toy mouse
Tamara and Jo again helped Joshua with the garden during the morning 
 Tamara was lucky enough that afternoon to find a whole herd of wild horses
 While Joshua spent the afternoon fishing in the lake
 Before heading over to the gym for a short workout
  Jo fixed the bath
And cleaned up the resultant mess 
 Next morning Joshua got a head start on the garden
Before Jo and Tamara came out to join him 
Tamara complimented her mother-in-law over breakfast 
And spent some time making friends with Smudge 
 Before continuing her efforts to make friends with the beautiful wild stallion that evening 
 She finally managed to get the horse to trust her enough to come home with her and join the household and she named him Midnight
 Mounting him proved to be trickier than she'd expected
But she was eventually able to ride him (if not very well) 
 On getting home, she set up a small stable outside for Midnight and forked some hay out for him to eat


  1. Midnight is beautiful! I love his color. Great update Ali!

  2. Yes, very lovely horse! I look forward to seeing Tamara's equestrian career.

  3. I love their little family and I think it's cute that Jo still lives with them. : )

    Midnight is pretty!

  4. Midnight is such a lovely horse! My wild horses all look identical,not nearly as pretty as he is. lol