Thursday, 3 November 2011

Chapter Twenty

Joshua loved to garden early in the morning before he went to school
Jo meanwhile had been bitten by the upgrading bug and was busily trying to make their stove fireproof while Smudge played with his toy mouse
 Today Joshua and Tamara had a special treat at school
 A field trip to the local Science Facility and Hospital (housed in the same building) where Joshua was amazed at the strange plants they were growing
 Once the oven was upgraded, Jo spent some time on the phone to her new colleagues and boss, she was determined to get to know them better
 When Joshua got home he spent more time gardening
Before going down to the lakeside to fish 
 Smudge still got lots of attention from Jo
 And from Joshua once he returned from his evening's fishing
 Jo began to try and upgrade the tv while Joshua had his dinner
 The next day, after school, Joshua visited the consignment store on his way home
 Where he handed over some of his produce to be sold
 Getting home he spent some time fussing Smudge
 Before going back to his garden, the apple tree had produced lots of fruit
 He'd planted one of the apples he'd harvested and was looking forward to even better produce from it
 Inside, it was time for Smudge to grow into an adult cat
 After polishing his claws on the scratching post
 He began practising hunting with one of the toys while Jo and Joshua ate dinner
 Later that evening, Smudge tried to put his newfound skills to the test
 But was only able to catch a snakeskin, after which he curled up on the sofa to sleep


Cute Kitty Spam pics...


  1. D'awww. Smudge is so adorable! Watching him go out for his first hunt was cute too.

  2. Hooray for kitty spam! Funny thing, I just found out on Halloween that one of my friends has a cat named Smudge. xD

  3. Smudge is adorable.
    and it's great to see Jo coming out her depression and being more active. :D

  4. Smudge is a great name for a cat. <3 I am glad Jo is becoming happier and more involved. That's really nice to see. Great update!

  5. Smudge is cute! It's so awesome to see Jo being able to attempt an effort to socialize.