Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Two

As a young adult, Joshua has continued his habit of gardening in his underwear/pyjamas...
 He was due to graduate today, so Jo made a fresh batch of pancakes for the two of them
 When they got back from graduation, Joshua went back to his gardening without bothering to take off his graduation robes
 While Jo proceeded to get cat hair all over her best clothes by fussing Smudge
 Later that evening the two of them went down to the Bistro where Jo worked for a celebratory meal
 Afterwards, while Jo went home, Joshua nipped across to the grocery shop to pick up some more seeds
 Before spending an hour or so fishing in the main park
 On arriving home, Jo realised that Smudge's litter tray needed cleaning out
As morning dawned, Smudge entertained himself by playing with his catnip mouse as he waited for Jo & Joshua to wake up
 Jo and Joshua shared a yummy breakfast of pancakes 
 Before Joshua got on with his gardening, he planned to make a good income from this
Smudge meanwhile had discovered the small pond out the back and entertained himself by fishing in it 
Even going completely underwater to grab a particularly succulent looking fish 
 Joshua didn't even blink an eyelid when Smudge got into a fight with some small creature he'd been stalking right next to him...
 Jo had been busy inside trying to upgrade their small tv, without much success
After a while she gave up and did the laundry instead 
 Played with Smudge for a while
Before repairing the shower that Joshua had just broken 
 And of course mopping up the resultant mess!
 Joshua had received a call from the Bistro asking if they could buy some of his ingredients and when he took the requested items down he was thrilled to be given special instructions for growing cheese and egg plants
 He went over to the grocery store straight away to pick some cheese and eggs to try this out
 On his way back, he noticed Tamara's father, Max Fields-Vamp outside the Bistro and stopped to speak to him
 They had a long discussion about books
 And Joshua talked at length about how much better his house here was than back in Riverblossom Hills
 Back home, Jo discovered that Smudge had picked up some fleas during his excursions outside and had to give him a special bath to get rid of them
She then gave him lots of fuss to make up for the indignity of the flea bath 
 Unfortunately, after dinner that night, the dishwasher broke, leaving Joshua to wash the dishes in the sink  
The next morning Jo got to work cleaning up the mess and fixing the dishwasher 
Whilst Joshua went outside to plant his new seeds
 And harvest his existing plants
He then spent his evening down at the local park fishing 
 Before making it home for dinner with Jo

Challenge notes: so I've decided that Joshua's hobby is going to be fishing, it doesn't fit brilliantly with the coach potato and bookworms traits, but it's quite a solitary hobby for a shy loner and it fits how I see him!


  1. You could get him to watch the fishing show on tv every once in a while and read a fishing book :)

  2. If Jo ever succeeds in upgrading the tv enough for them to get the fishing channel...

  3. Fishing is a great hobby for Josh. More fertilizer for his plants, too. Of course when you get your secondary equestrian career going, you'll have lots of fertilizer from the horses, too, lol.

  4. Ah! The beginning of a new generation. I can't wait to get that far.