Monday, 14 November 2011

Chapter Twenty Five

Joshua and Tamara decided to honeymoon in France
 They started their honeymoon doing the traditional tourist thing of visiting the art gallery
 Joshua was fascinated by the artifacts on display but Tamara wasn't impressed
 She much preferred gazing at her wedding ring
And kissing Joshua
 From there they went on to the Nectary 
After spending some time down in the cellar tasting some very fine nectars 
 Tamara got into a conversation with one of the locals 
 While Joshua took advantage of the Nectary's offer of "pick what you like", there were grapes here he'd never seen before!
Later that evening the two of them ate out in the local cafe 
 Sitting outside eating bouillabaisse felt so sophisticated
 On returning to their hotel, they celebrated their wedding and honeymoon in the traditional fashion 
 That night was the first time they'd ever shared a bed
They ate most of their meals at the local cafe, enjoying the French cuisine and culture
Joshua insisted they stop by the bookshop where he bought some French recipe books for his mother 
 He also found time to harvest wild grapes growing in various places around the small French town
 While Tamara introduced herself carefully to a local wild horse
 Before the two of them spent a quiet evening fishing together
And gazing up at the stars 
 They spent most of their final day outside in a small clearing in the woods, full of beautiful flowers and butterflies
Joshua only had eyes for his beautiful new wife though 
At last they drove back into the town 
And picked up a few souvenirs from their trip before they had to catch their flight home 


  1. Aww! SO adorable! I like that the first time they slept together was on the honeymoon. So, so, so romantic! <3

  2. I think that these two will be happy a long time. ^_^