Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chapter Thirty One

Jo made french toast for the family's breakfast
Pumpkin and Midnight got to know each other
While Jo helped Joshua with his garden
Midnight took himself to the training grounds
While Tamara rode Pumpkin
And had her practice over the small jumps
Midnight was happy to practice the more strenuous jumps on his own
But later Tamara took him over them with a rider while Pumpkin drank from the horse trough
She then took him to the Equestrian Centre to stand stud again and they then won another race
At home, Jo had prepared some salmon for dinner
Joshua had invested their spare funds in a new house and once they'd finished eating the whole family piled into Tamara's car (which was mostly used by Joshua these days) and travelled the short distance to the new place
Smudge was delighted to find a cat house and scratching post combined
And the whole family spent their first night in their new home
Jo woke early the next morning
And made breakfast for the family in the new kitchen
Joshua got busy planting a new garden, choosing the very best seeds he'd saved
Tamara took Midnight and Pumpkin down to the training grounds as usual
That evening, it was time for Jo to get old
In light of this, and the extra room in the new house, Joshua and Tamara decided it was time to get started on the next generation, they wanted their children to know their grandmother...
Unfortunately, Sooty had managed to pick up some fleas, so Jo was forced to give her a flea bath to clear the problem up
Joshua spent the morning tending and fertilising his new garden 
 Tamara had taken the horses down to the training ground, but soon after she got there she found herself running to the toilet to throw up...
 She decided Pumpkin had been trained enough, and if the sickness was what she thought (hoped) it was they were going to need some more funds, so she rode her down to the Equestrian Centre where she sold her for a nice sum
She then used some of those proceeds to pick up a new mare called Arashi 
 When she got home she settled down in front of the TV for a while
 While Jo started upgrading the washing machine
 Sooty and Smudge had been getting on very well 
And one thing led to another in the pet house... 
Notes: Arashi was edited in CAS to become a clone of this horse from MTS:- although I kept the traits from the original horse I bought


  1. Arashi is very beautiful.
    I can't wait to see Smudge and Sooty's baby kittens!

  2. KITTENS! <3 Can't wait to see them.

    And hurrah for babies too. ; )

  3. Nice chapter Ali! I love how your legacy is so sweet and happy right now! =)

  4. Kittens babise and horses, oh my! Yay for a new and larger house.