Monday, 21 November 2011

Chapter Thirty

While Jo helped Joshua in the garden
 Tamara had noticed Smudge had been getting a little lonely from time to time
So she adopted a female cat, whom she named Sooty, to give Smudge some companionship of his own kind 
 The two cats immediately began getting to know each other and making friends
 After Tamara had finished her breakfast (and broken the dishwasher) she had a mysterious phone call from her father)

"Go down to the Equestrian Centre, I've got you a surprise"
 While Tamara obeyed her father's instructions, Jo cleaned the floor up 
And fixed the broken dishwasher 
At the Equestrian Centre, Tamara found a mare with a note from her father

"This is Pumpkin, train her up and sell her back to the Centre, you should make a nice profit so you can get started on giving your mother and I some grandchildren" 
Tamara rode Pumpkin down to the training grounds
Where she brushed her coat 
And checked her hooves 
 Before doing the same for Midnight, who had found his own way to the training grounds and had been enjoying himself on the jumps when she and Pumpkin had arrived
Joshua went down to the lakeside to fish in peace 
While Jo watched the cooking channel, with Smudge purring on her lap
 Later on Joshua and Tamara ate dinner together
Before retiring to bed 
 In the morning, Jo topped up the cats' food bowl with some special pet food she'd made herself
While the humans in the family tended the garden
The two cats enjoyed each other's company, playing "pounce"...
Grooming each other
 And generally nuzzling and getting to know one another
 Once the garden was tended, Tamara took Midnight and Pumpkin down to the training grounds where she trained Pumpkin on the easy jumps and Midnight on the harder ones 
Once Midnight was tired of jumping, she fed him with some horse granola 
 And groomed him carefully
 Before riding him over to the Equestrian Centre to compete in another race (which they won)
Joshua spent the afternoon fishing in the hills 
Before settling down with Smudge on his lap which Jo had another cooking spree 
Challenge notes: Tamara's father didn't actually buy Pumpkin for her, I just wrote it that way because it made for a better storyline


  1. Smudge and Sooty are super cute together! I want to see lots of baby kitties :D

  2. Sooty! <3 What a cute name! It goes well with Smudge. I agree: I want to see some baby kittens!

    ...And some baby Sims. I just think your legacy needs more babies. =)

  3. Every time I watch the cats nuzzle, it reminds of the Lion King... and that makes me go all nostalgic.

    Aaanyway, I hope they have kittens (because I.WANT. <3) and I can't wait to see future Clemetis progeny/spawn.

    Before I forget, Pumpkin is adorable.

  4. Don't worry, babies will be coming shortly...

  5. What a nice present :) And I loved the reason behind the gift *LOL*