Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Eight

At the weekend the whole family gathers in the kitchen to eat breakfast together
Whilst outside, Cashew feeds her foals their own breakfast 
 Having being nursed by her mother, Cinnamon wandered around the garden inquisitively
Before Miralys came out to play with her 
Tamara had shown Miralys how to care for a horse and so Mira put this into action as part of her plan to make friends with the foals 
Later, she played a couple of games of chess against her father 
 And tried out the mini oven her parents had got her, it was perfect for muffins and cookies
 In the evening Mira bottle-fed Thunder while Cinnamon nursed from Cashew
Inside, Joshua continued to read books to little Menolly 
After dinner that night, Joshua and Tamara decided that they'd been rather too busy with the children and decided to spend some time reconnecting... 
 Outside, Fluff had been practising her hunting skill 
As well as playing pounce with Smudge 
 Joshua's new garden was coming along well, with the first fruits ready to be harvested 
While Tamara and Midnght were gaining great plaudits for their success in the races
 Joshua had also found that having horses provided an excellent source of fertilizer for his garden
And he was able to sell more and more produce 
But he still made time to help Miralys with her homework 
 And of course to brush and play with Fluff and Smudge
 Soon however, it was Menolly's birthday
She grew up into a lovely young girl (I'm afraid I can't remember what her third trait is, will check when I next play my game)
 And immediately joined her sister at the chess table for a game

Pet Spam


  1. Your pet spam is the best. I love the cats playing, and the foals are so cute!

  2. I agree with Yang. Your pets are adorable! Menolly is beautiful as well. I can't wait to see the kids when they're all grown up.

  3. Menolly looks like she is going to be a beauty. The pet spam = <3

  4. Menolly looks a lot like her mother here. And it's good to see Tamara and Joshua "Reconnecting." :)

  5. I love the pet spam, especially the foals.