Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Seven

After a quiet evening meal with her grandma
 Miralys spent some time brushing Fluff
And playing games with her while Smudge napped  
 Tamara and Joshua ate breakfast together in the morning
 Before Joshua tended the garden and spent some time fishing in the small pond on their new property
And Tamara took Midnight over the new jumps which had come with the house 
Before letting him eat some hay with Cashew 
 Later that afternoon, Joshua took Jo and Menolly down to the library
 Once Jo had to go to work, Joshua sat down with Menolly and read to her for a while
 Until Miralys arrived, having finished school for the day, whereupon he spent some time helping her with her homework while Menolly played with some of the many toys in the children's area of the library
 Once she'd finished her homework, Miralys went upstairs to play chess with one of her classmates, Brandon Pertridge-O'Dourke
When they all got home, Miralys and Menolly played together with the blocks table their parents had bought them until it was time for tea 
 The family all ate their evening meal together
 After which, Tamara put Menolly to bed, and the rest of the family also retired to bed
In the middle of the night, Cashew gave birth to twin foals, a colt whom they named Thunder (lying down) and a filly whom they named Cinnamon. 
 Miralys was fascinated by the foals and spent lots of her free time getting to know them
She didn't spend all her time with the two foals though, Brandon came over after school to play 
So she left Thunder and Cinnamon to entertain each other 
While she chatted and played with Brandon 
 Pillow fights were especially fun

Cute pet spam

Of the two foals, Cinnamon is the one with the white star on her forehead, Thunder is the one without, I can only keep one of them - the other will have to be sold as part of Tamara's career once they age up - so I'd like people's opinions on which to keep please


  1. Both foals have such interesting markings and colors. It's so hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I'd pick Cinnamon.

  2. I LOVE Cinnamon :) If you could nickname Cinnamon "Cinny", that would be perfect :) That's one of my nicknames for my dead bunny Cinnibun. Usually it was "Bun-Bun" though, I think he thought it was his name :P *forces myself to look at the cuteness that is Granger to make my sadness for Cinnibun go away*

  3. I love Cinnamon as well. They're both adorable though and I'll be sad to watch one of them go. :( This is why I can't play with pets in sims. I get too attached and super bummed when they die or I have to give them away.

    Anyways; cute chapter.

  4. Oh my goodness! Your foals are gorgeous! I've never played through the horsesim career, so I didn't know you had to sell them. That's sad.