Monday, 19 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Six

Jo decided to make some special gourmet food for the two cats
 Before going out to where Joshua was fertilizing his new garden and upgrading the water sprinklers to go on and off automatically so that Joshua would never have to water his garden again
Meanwhile, Miralys had gone off to her first day at school feeling somewhat nervous
 At home, Tamara gave Menolly some potty training
 Before feeding her breakfast (and having some herself) 
And teaching her to walk 
After school, Miralys paid a visit to the library to work on her homework 
 And as the afternoon drew into evening and Tamara took Midnight off to compete in the races, Joshua began teaching Menolly to talk
 When Tamara got home, the two of them shared their evening meal (prepared by Jo earlier) 
 That night, Midnight and Cashew got very close...
Every morning Jo would cook breakfast, even though there were already plenty of leftovers in the fridge
Tamara would get Menolly up 
And potty train her 
Before taking her downstairs and teaching her to talk 
Today, Joshua had received a call from the city hall, his fruit and vegetables were growing so popular that they wanted to give him a special award 
 When he got home, he took over from Tamara on the teaching Menolly duties
Enabling Tamara to get on with training her horses and competing in the daily races
Miralys' class had been chosen to go on an afterschool trip to the local graveyard to learn about the history of the town at first hand 
 Whenever her parents and grandmother left her alone for a while Menolly would head straight for the toy xylophone and play for as long as she could
 In amongst teaching his younger daughter and tending his garden, Joshua didn't forget to make time for Smudge, who seemed to be ageing miraculously slowly
Miralys eventually got home with a poster from the graveyard and went straight upstairs to do her homework 
Once she was finished she dived into the costume box her parents had given her 
And enjoyed herself immensely pretending to be a prince 
 She also spent some time getting to know Smudge and taking care of him as much as she could 
 And that evening it was time at last for Fluff to grow up
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  1. Aw. The Fluff is a-growin'.

    I just looked at your next gen.'s rolls. Single with 5 spawn?! Wut. 0_0 That will certainly be an interesting generation to read.

    Miralys and Menolly are cute. ;)

  2. Miralys and Menolly are cute.
    And yeah, single with 5 kids, yikes!

  3. Yep, the single with five kids roll is quite scary, although I do have an idea for a plotline for it :)

  4. Cute pet spam. Miralys is adorable. Where did her blonde hair come from? Or is it random?

    I'm looking forward to her generation!

  5. Tamara's mother is blonde so I'm assuming that's where it comes from

  6. I'm here! Midnight is a Beautiful horse! I love that Jo just keeps on cooking and stocking the fridge. It made me lol.