Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chapter Thirty Five

 Tamara spent some time getting to know Cashew and feeding her some treats
 Before riding her down to the training grounds where she trained both Cashew and Midnight in jumping
 Meanwhile Jo took Miralys down to the library
And spent the afternoon reading various books to her 
Back home, once Joshua had cleaned out the stable and harvested the garden, he called the movers and arranged to move the household to a ranch that had recently been built near the lake
The first thing he did once the furniture was arranged in the new place was bring Menolly to a cake for her birthday
After she'd finished aging up, Menolly went straight for the xylophone in the living room 
While Joshua headed out to plant a new garden
 Tamara had entered Midnight into an International race and was delighted when the two of them succeeded in taking first place
  Fluff found the hay lying in the paddock at the new ranch enormously entertaining
Once the whole family got home Jo and Tamara put Miralys and Menolly to bed in the new nursery 
 Before sitting down with Joshua to eat some leftover cake
Smudge slept in the outdoor pet house that night 
While Fluff was happy to see his favourite sleeping and scratching place had been brought along 
The next morning, Jo and Tamara woke the girls up and dressed them 
Before the whole family piled into Tamara's old car for a day out 
Joshua dropped the rest of the family off at Fairytale Park 
 Before heading into town to run some errands
Miralys and Menolly played on the rides for some time under the watchful eyes of their mother and grandmother
 Once they grew bored with the rides, Tamara began teaching Menolly how to walk while Jo read to Miralys
In town Joshua had paid a visit to the local diner who had asked him to provide some excellent quality cheeses, when he delivered these he was told about the possibility of growing steak and patties which he found very odd  
From there he went to the consignment store where he dropped off a load of produce to sell 
Before heading back to the park to collect his family 
 From the park they went down to the library 
And, while Jo took over Menolly's walking lessons, Joshua and Tamara played with Miralys 
Joshua had bought a cake for Miralys' birthday today, but she was too eager and aged up before he could bring her to the cake 
From the library they went on to the Bistro for a celebratory meal, during which Tamara also had her birthday 
 Of course, now that Miralys was a big girl she needed a bedroom of her own


  1. It's really nice that Jo is much more active in raising her grandkids, and seems to b over her depression. :D

  2. The girls are cute and I love both the new nursery and Miralys' new room.

  3. Aww, so sweet! I agree with yang, it's great to see Jo with the grandkids. I'll be sad when she dies. Awesome update, Ali! =)