Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chapter Forty Seven

Menolly's tricks of the night before were extremely successful, catching both her mother and her older sister
Joshua had got up early that morning and tended his garden happily, oblivious to the drama going on in the house
Tamara calmed down by bottle-feeding the new foal, Dune
Before training Cinnamon over the jumps while Dune played with Midnight
Having finished with the garden, Joshua wandered around the town for a while collecting random seeds, he was hoping to find some special plants as he'd been able to grow all the normal ones in his garden
After a few hours searching for seeds he decided that was enough for the day and went down to the ocean to fish
Miralys and Menolly had both caught the bus to school that morning
But Menolly decided on the spur of the moment that she didn't feel like going to school, so she dropped behind her sister and snuck off to a small park where she spent the morning playing her bass
After a while she started to feel a bit hungry so she headed across town to the cafe where she bought herself lunch
Nearby she found a dingy old pub with a selection of instruments and decided to have a go at playing the keyboard
Miralys meanwhile had spent the day in school, first in class and then at the athletics club.  After she'd finished she and a group of classmates decided to do their homework in the playground at the school before going home.
 Shortly after the group had all finished their homework and gone home, Menolly made it to school at last, but not for class...  She snuck into the deserted school and released all the frogs from the science lab!
Still feeling rebellious, she decided not to go home just yet and paid a visit to the nearby beach club where she ordered a drink
And then spent the rest of the evening tearing up the dancefloor
Unfortunately for her, when she didn't head home at curfew the police came round checking the bars for teens and she was well and truly caught
Tamara was waiting for her when she got home and she was furious, the school had called to let them know Menolly hadn't been at class and they had been getting more and more worried especially when Menolly didn't come home on time either...

"Where have you been?  And what have you been doing all day?!  We've been worried sick about you!  If you can't behave properly, go to school and come home on time then you're clearly not responsible enough to be allowed out the house, you're grounded!"
The next day was saturday and Miralys had been offered the chance to spend the day at the local business offices so she saddled up Cinnamon and rode over there

Tamara tended to Dune, bottle-feeding him, brushing his coat and generally looking after him
While Joshua tended his garden and took the produce down to the consignment store to sell along with the results of his latest experiments in nectar-making
After sulking in the bath for much of the morning and playing her bass loudly on the balcony
Menolly waited until everyone else had left the house for various errands and work before booby trapping the sofa
And sneaking out the house, there was no way anyone was going to make her stay grounded!
She found her way to another club, a dance club this time, and played the guitar for hours, playing out all her frustrations through her music
Breaking her grounding however had results she'd never dreamed of, while she was off enjoying herself, Jo and Joshua had been sitting down watching TV together when Jo felt a strange sensation run through her
As Tamara ran into the room, Jo knew her time had come at last, and while Joshua and Tamara stared she felt herself turn transparent and begin to float
Joshua, Tamara and Miralys (who had just got home from her day of work experience) gathered around weeping as the Grim Reaper came to take Jo's soul away.  
Joshua chose to bury his mother between his growing garden and the pond, he hoped that she would rest in peace there
His last duty to his mother done, he and Tamara sat down on the sofa to await the return of their prodigal daughter
Menolly eventually felt she'd played all her frustrations out and decided she didn't want to be picked up by the police again so grabbed her scooter and headed home
When she got there, her hopes of sneaking back in without her parents noticing were dashed.  Her father was first to greet her as she walked in the door.

"So, you've decided to come home again have you?  Your mother told you not to leave the house so why did you ignore her?  You knew how worried we were last night when you didn't come home, did you not think we'd notice if you disappeared again?"
Tamara then confronted her daughter

"You thoughtless, heedless child!  While you've been gallivanting around town, breaking your grounding and curfew as well, we've been worrying about you!

"Your grandmother died tonight and you weren't even here to say farewell to her when it happened!  Don't even think about leaving the house tomorrow and come Monday one of us will take you to school to make sure you don't skip again!"
Menolly didn't react well to the news and the scolding, screaming at her parents about how unfair they were
Before storming up to bed

Pet spam

Town News
  • Seirian and Bryce Roman have moved out separately
  • Aquarius Ocean has got a job in the police
  • Irish Marlin & Derrick Crist have got part time jobs
  • Adamaris Dennis & Tyson Marlin have got jobs as scientists
  • Lukas Sperie & Elijah McKinley have got jobs in the criminal career
  • Harper Harris & Yuki Sabo have got jobs in the music career
  • Cedric Harris has got a job as a fireman
  • Danya Crist & Scarlett McKinley have got jobs in education
  • Ryanne Roman has got a job as a mixologist
  • Tempest & Raindrop Ocean have grown up to children
  • The Sperie triplets have grown up to teens and Adalyn is dating Fabio Sabo
  • Scarlett and Elijah McKinley are expecting a baby


  1. Adalyn and Fabio, eh? ... I want babies.

    Menolly makes me sad, and I hope she manages to calm down sometime. Her parents have gone through a lot, they don't need a rebellious teenager on top of that. (That said, I love her)

    RIP Jo < / 3

  2. I love Menolly, she's such a bad girl!
    Poor Jo! I wondered how much time she'd have left. I'm glad the later part of her life got better after suffering so much when she was young.

  3. So sad. A great chapter though. I liked the pet spam and the town news is a great idea. :)

  4. Goodbye Jo. :,(

    Menolly is certainly causing enough dramz, isn't she? ;)

    Adamaris entered the Science career?! I.LOVE.IT. Also, I'm glad Cedric became a Fireman as well; maybe he can actually fulfill his dream in your legacy.

  5. It wasn't meant to be a sad chapter, but then Jo went & died on me :(

  6. Oh no :( poor Jo!! I'll miss her!

    And the nerve of Menolly, but what are you going to do about it as parents....ugh I hope my children will never grow up like that!

    Rofl at Danya as a teacher :D that should be fitting!

  7. oH! what I meant to ask, did you get the proper traits for Danya? Cause hers are different from her moms.

  8. I didn't get her proper traits, I kind of guessed them

    1. If you still want them to be the proper ones they are


      Sorry for my late response though :) Kept meaning to get back at you for this.

  9. Rip Jo. Following around the rebellious Menolly was fun, though.

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  11. Ah poor Joshua, losing his Mom. :( I hope that Jo was proud of the family she raised and that she is at peace with her long lost family now.

    Menolly is certainly a rebellious teen. I hope she considers things going forward.

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