Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chapter Forty Six

Come morning, Jo was caught by Menolly's trap from the night before, needless to say she was not impressed...
However, by the time she'd finished washing the bright dye from her hair, she had calmed down and decided to let it slide this one time
Having cleaned her hair thoroughly, she spent the day upgrading various things around the house
Tamara did the household chores while Jo was occupied with upgrading the plumbing and appliances
 After school, Miralys paid a visit to the local library
One of her teachers had given her a book to read overnight and report on the next day so she began reading
However she was soon interrupted by a classmate, Quynh Sperie
After a brief chat, they sat down to do their homework together
Homework finished, they spent some time generally chatting and hanging out

Menolly had been entrusted with a set of slips which needed to be delivered to the Town Hall
Having accomplished her mission successfully, she decided to pay a visit to a friend's house before going home
While she waited for someone to answer the door, she played with the Crist's pet dog who had been sitting outside
 After a while Ryan came out to greet her
After a bit of playing, Menolly worked on her homework while Ryan had a much needed snack
 At home Jo was whipping up dinner for the family
Menolly made it home in time for dinner, but Jo and Tamara were a little concerned to realise that Miralys hadn't got home yet
In fact, she and Quynh had decided to pay a visit to one of the local pubs after finishing their homework
Miralys ordered some (non-alcoholic) drinks from the bar for the two of them

And the two of them enjoyed themselves just dancing to the music and hanging out
Unfortunately, they were having such a good time they didn't notice the time slipping away
Miralys ended the evening with a police ride home 
When she got in Jo was waiting for her and was furious "where have you been young lady?  Your parents have been worried sick about you!  You're grounded"
The next morning, Miralys caught her mother as Tamara was collecting the laundry, "Mum, I'm really really sorry, I didn't mean to break curfew or worry you, I just lost track of time..."
Fortunately for Miralys, Tamara was much more easily pacified than her mother-in-law, and forgave her daughter immediately "Of course I forgive you baby, and since it's your first offence I'll let you off the grounding, but next time remember to wear your watch and check the time!"
"Thank you so much Mum, you're the best mother in the world!"
Having secured her mother's forgiveness, and the lifting of her grounding, Miralys finished off the book she'd been given at school the previous day.
While Menolly read a storybook downstairs
Joshua's garden was coming along very nicely by now, he'd even been able to harvest some of the plants
After school, Menolly invited her cousin Stacia home as it was both of their birthdays that day
The two of them played hopscotch in the yard while Jo helped Miralys with her homework
Cinnamon chose that evening to give birth to a foal
But the family didn't let it get in the way of celebrating Menolly and Stacia's birthdays

Menolly grew up into a somewhat rebellious teen
While her cousin showed signs of being far more sedate
Having finished her cake, Menolly's first act as a teen was to repeat her shower trick...
Before logging onto the school website to sign up to the music club after school
Once she'd finished doing this, she contemplated pranking the laptop but was interrupted by Tamara who had her birthday present for her
Menolly was immediately distracted from her plans and went out to the porch to try her hand at playing her present
While Tamara sat down with Miralys for a swift game of chess before bed
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  1. Lukas' babies! Yay! :) Quynh was one of my favorite teenagers. Menolly is quite the trickster, eh?

  2. Oh, Menolly is adorable as a teen. In a cool, rebellious way of course. ;D

  3. Even with different hair and no face showing, Aquarius is impossible to miss <3. (And yay, Yuki!)

    I LOVE teen Menolly already. She's hilarious.

  4. Menolly is gorgeous! and Yay!! Ryan :D *jumps up and down*

    I'm horrible at guessing games *blushes* I don't recognise any of those sims, but I do think I saw Maddie Sabo in that pub??

    1. Not quite, her great-grandmother (?) Yuki :)

  5. Menolly grew up very pretty. It was fun watching her try to see how many pranks she could pull