Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Chapter Forty

The day after the family returned from France, Menolly got up bright and early
 She was eager to join her big sister at school and didn't want to make a bad impression by being late on her first day
 Joshua and Tamara got up somewhat later and enjoyed breakfast together
  Joshua tended his garden, planting the newest crops he'd brought back from France
 Before going up to the barn loft where he'd stored the nectar making machine and starting a new batch of nectar
 Tamara meanwhile looked after the two foals
Before giving Cashew some more jump training
Before giving her a good brushing as a reward
Menolly had enjoyed her first day at school and had swiftly become friends with her cousin Stacia Fields-Vamp 
After school was finished they sat down with a group of classmates and worked on their homework together 
 Miralys had been given a special challenge by her teacher, to find several different types of insects and as soon as school was over she went looking for them
When she eventually got home, Jo sat down with her and helped her with her homework 
  Once all the homework was done, Miralys and Menolly played some chess together
While Jo sat down and spent some time fussing the cats 
Joshua had gone up into the mountains to fish 
And Tamara was racing Midnight in another international competition 
So, when dinnertime came around, Jo cooked for her two granddaughters 
Before doing some general housework 
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  1. The girls are absolutely beautiful. I never really connect to child sims because they always look similar in my mind, but yours are so distinct from each other. They're lovely. <3

  2. I love those names you gave the children very nice :D you take great pics!

  3. The girls are really lovely, and as always, I love your pet spam.
    Good luck on your move!

  4. Wow, Joshua's garden is impressive! He has A LOT of plants! I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare in their new town. =)

  5. Loved seeing the group of kids working on homework outside the school together. It happens where one of my sim kids for whatever reason doesn't take the bus home at least once a sim week, I've just never had them work on homework with the other townies hanging out. What an awesome idea!

  6. Jo looks like she enjoys being a grandmother. I'm glad her life turned out happy in the end. I really love the picture about the cat stalking the bird!