Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chapter Forty Five

Joshua got up early every morning to tend his garden, it was just starting to sprout now and he hoped to soon have it up to the state his garden back in Hidden Springs had been
Jo was also up early every morning, making breakfast for the family, even if they couldn't all eat it together at least it would be freshly prepared.
Miralys hadn't managed to get her homework quite finished the previous night so she polished off the last of it while waiting for Jo to finish cooking breakfast
 Before catching the school bus with her little sister
Jo would then spend the morning doing general household chores, washing the family's clothes...
 Making the beds...
 And hanging the washing out.
 Tamara spent lots of time looking after the horses 
 And training them over the jumps in the field
After he'd finished tending his garden Joshua would go down to the beach and fish for a while
He'd also clean the stable out as it made great fertiliser
And, in his spare time, experimented with creating nectar
Miralys was given the opportunity to go on a field trip to the town hospital and science labs and she decided that interesting though it was, it wasn't for her
She was however very happy with the memento of the trip she was given and gave it pride of place on her desk
She then went down to the gym and had a nice long workout while she thought about what she wanted to do when she left school 
Menolly finished school a little later and hurried home in a state of extreme excitement
She could barely contain her eagerness as she ate her dinner
And as soon as she finished she changed into her ballet costume and started hurrying the rest of the family to make it to her recital as quickly as possible
The whole family made it to the recital, Tamara declining an invitation to compete in a prestigious race in order to watch her daughter's performance.
Once they got home, Miralys helped her little sister out with the homework she'd been too excited to do earlier
 While Joshua and Tamara spent some time together inside
Menolly was feeling a little mischievous and in high spirits after her successful performance and decided to play a little trick on her grandmother's shower...
Before going down to join the rest of the family appearing as angelically innocent as she could

Random picture of Joshua fishing in the evening, included just because I like the shot
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  1. Very nice! I love that evening fishing shot, too.

  2. I thought that menolly pranking the shower is cute hehe, I loved her excitement for the recital as well!

    And that fishing picture is straight from a postcard!

  3. Your pet spam always makes me happy! And I absolutely love the ballet outfits on the kids - it's so dang adorable.

  4. FINALLY! I've been in the process of reading your legacy, reading everyone's updates and writing my own and I've finally caught up. It was a great read so thank you for that. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

  5. That evening fishing shot is amazing! I really liked Menolly's innocent expression after the prank.