Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chapter Forty Four

Jo prepared breakfast first thing the next morning
While Joshua headed outside to plant the new seeds he'd managed to pick up around the town the previous day
As they waited for breakfast, Menolly played with Fluff
While Miralys practised her chess skills
As they sat down to eat breakfast, Jo asked the girls if they were looking forward to starting a new school
Menolly expounded at great length about her hopes to perform with her afterschool ballet class while Miralys concentrated on eating her grandmother's delicious cooking
Once the girls had left for school Jo spent most of the day tidying the house up and doing general household chores
Once the place was looking spotless, she spent the remainder of the day playing with the cats
Having finished with his garden for the day, Joshua went searching for new seeds to plant
Before spending some time fishing in the ocean near their house
After fishing for a while he gathered up enough courage to face strangers again and paid a visit to the local consignment store
Where he was able to put several of his first attempts at making nectar up for sale, he wasn't sure about this but the lady who ran the store assured him people would love them
Having made it through that hurdle, he retreated to a quiet beach to do some more fishing
Tamara spent the morning grooming and generally caring for the two horses
Before getting Midnight to practice on the fences she'd been able to set up in the small field they owned behind the house
Once Miralys finished school for the day she went to find her father and persuaded him to teach her how to drive
The experience proved to be somewhat scary for Joshua as Miralys had a few issues with steering to begin with...
Thankfully she got to grips with it after a while and Joshua was able to relax a little and even enjoy the spectacular scenery on the island.

After school, Menolly biked over to the local grocery store, she'd been given the task of doing a piece of homework about the store and how it worked
The staff proved to be really helpful and she was certain she'd get extra good marks for the report.
When they got home from the driving lessons, Miralys challenged her father to a game of chess
While Jo prepared dinner
As they sat down to eat, Joshua asked Miralys and Menolly how their first day at school had gone
As usual, Tamara wasn't there for dinner, she had entered Midnight in a crosscountry race at the Equestrian Centre where they  eventually came third
After dinner, Joshua and Jo helped Miralys and Menolly with their homework
And before they went to bed, Jo remembered to bring the washing in from the line
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  1. Way to go Joshua!! Well done on temporarily overcoming your fear for strangers :D

  2. I loved the tour around the island, it's so pretty.
    And the pic of the cats playing *squee*

  3. KITTEHS! <3

    I think I've stated this before, but I love the island! It's so darn purdy.