Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chapter Forty Three

Once they had all recovered from the immediate shock of the transition and Sofia's death, Joshua headed off to the local Town Hall to register the family, find a new house and find out where they had wound up
Tamara found the local Equestrian Centre and, knowing funds were likely to be short for a while, decided to sell Thunder, she had been going to sell Cinnamon too but Miralys pleaded to keep her
While the adults sorted those details out, Miralys took her younger sister and cousin to sign up at the local school.  At the same time she signed up for the sports club while Menolly signed up for ballet.
Gary had decided it would be best if he and Stacia set up home separately, so he took Stacia off to a small cottage and the rest of the family jumped in a taxi and set off to find the new house Joshua had just bought.  

During the journey, Joshua told the rest of the family what he had discovered at the Town Hall, "We're on a small island off the coast of China, called Dragon Springs, there aren't many people living here and for some reason there are no vampires so we don't need to worry about word getting back that way"
After they'd all settled in to their new home, Tamara took Cinnamon for a ride over to the local training grounds
Joshua began planting a new garden while Menolly tried out the easel which she'd found in the grounds of their new house
Jo took over the general household chores, cooking some meals and upgrading the household appliances
Miralys had followed her mother to the training grounds and begged to be allowed to try riding Cinnamon, Tamara however decided that as a novice rider she'd be better off riding Midnight first as he was experienced enough to keep her on if she had any problems
Once Miralys had managed to mount Midnight, Tamara sent her off to have a ride around trusting Midnight to take care of her.
While Tamara continued to train Cinnamon over the fences 
Having finished planting his garden afresh, Joshua took a wander around Dragon Springs, harvesting various plants on the community lots
As evening drew on, Tamara took Cinnamon along to the Equestrian Centre and entered her in a race.
 Joshua finished the day at a local pond fishing
 And Miralys found her muscles seizing up from her first ride
But was careful once she'd dismounted to give Midnight lots of attention as thanks for her first ride
At home, Menolly had grown bored of the easel and spent much of the afternoon and evening playing with Fluff
Once Miralys got home they both sat down with Jo for an evening meal
 Before finishing the day off with a quick game of chess
Shots of the new house


  1. I absolutely adore the new house they have, and Dragon Springs looks like a beautiful town from what you're shown us.

  2. I personally like the text when it's justified, but when it was centered it was still readable and I didn't have a problem with it. :D

    Miralys riding the horse was adorable. And the new world/house looks great! Can't wait to see what happens in Dragon Springs.

  3. I stole the house from Appaloosa Plains (I needed one with horse stuff & I'm dreadful at building houses), put it on a much larger lot and redecorated it (I also moved the garage/barn part further away from the house to take advantage of the extra space from putting it on a larger lot)

  4. Yay, I've caught up! \o/

    I just read like half of your legacy in one sitting so it's hard finding things to say, haha. But I love your characters and your family. I wish they hadn't had to get pulled away from everything they knew like that. D8

  5. The new house and town look lovely.

  6. Love the shot of Miralys' muscles siezing up after her first ride. lol

  7. ^Same! That shot is really beautiful. The new house looks great! I feel almost sorry for Joshua , having to restart his garden so many times.