Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chapter Eighteen

Jo & Joshua looked at their new home, it certainly looked like a nicer place than the cottage they'd lived in back in Riverblossom Hills, but why had Tamara's father been so insistent that they join his family in moving to Hidden Springs?  And why had they gone along with his orders without questioning him?
 As Joshua got to work planting a new garden, Jo phoned the pet adoption service
His garden planted, Joshua called Tamara and invited her out on a date 
He arrived at the park first and fished while he waited for her 
When Tamara arrived she had her baby brother with her, "I'm sorry, Mama said I had to babysit today" 
While her little brother played with his doll, Joshua and Tamara embraced and kissed
 Before Joshua summoned up his courage and asked Tamara to go steady with him
 She happily agreed
 They ended their date gazing at the stars together 
 Meanwhile, a tiny kitten had been dropped off by the pet adoption service and Jo decided to name him Smudge
 After a great deal of fussing and petting, Jo settled down to watch television while Smudge played with one of the toys she'd bought him
 Smudge was a very good kitten and used the scratching post rather than the furniture, while Jo prepared dinner
 She'd already filled Smudge's dish, so when he'd finished scratching he was able to eat his fill
 Joshua got home from his date just in time to have dinner with his mother
 And then it was time for bed, but not before a little more petting of their new kitten
 Who then proceeded to curl up in his bed and sleep as well


Notes: So, as some people are aware, I had to rescue my family and move them since Pets decided to bork my saved games :(  I had meant to move them to Hidden Springs at some point soon anyway so I'm not too disappointed, although I've not entirely worked out a good reason in the story for why they've moved so suddenly!


  1. Well I'm excited to see what you do come up with plot-wise for the sudden move! I'm sure you'll make up something great. ; )

    Smudge is so cute!

  2. Smudge! <3 Smudge!
    That's a great name for Jo's cat, too.
    Cute, cute kitty!
    (If you can't tell, I luff kitties)

  3. Aww! I love the kitty! Can't wait to see how Jo and Joshua do in Hidden Springs!

  4. Oooh! a new start for Jo! can't wait to see where you take it!