Monday, 8 October 2012

Chapter Seventy

When the depleted family returned to Dragon Falls, Dory went straight up to her room to find Nik.  She was angry about her father's death and looking for someone to blame.
As soon as she found Nik she lit straight into him

"I thought you were supposed to be here to protect me and my family!  Why didn't you do something to stop Dad from dying or warn us in time to save him?!" 

"I have tried to tell you before Dory, I was sent here to protect you, not your family.  Despite this, I would have told you about your father had I known, but stuck as I am in this form my powers are limited and I did not know."Dory was not appeased by his answer however; "Well, what use are you as a protector then?  You're always saying how limited your powers are!  How are you supposed to protect me in that case?"  
"I promise you, I will protect you any way I can" he responded, "but unless one of us can find a way to restore my true form and my powers than indeed that may be limited.  Do not scorn me for this, I did not choose to lose my powers or be trapped in this form and you cannot possibly regret this more than I do!"
Slowly his reasonable tone got through to Dory and she apologised for shouting at him.  Then, as they made up, inspiration suddenly hit her.

"Kariny left all those potions she'd been experimenting behind!  I'm sure she said one of them would restore things to their true form!  Something like that anyway...  We just have to find the right one"

Down in the stable, Dory grabbed the first potion which came to hand, unfortunately it had absolutely no effect.  Dory scratched her head in confusion but Nik suggested that the potion might be designed to work on a normal sim's needs and in this form he was lacking many of those needs.
The next one however was more successful.  As Nik drank it a mass of sparkles filled the air around him, covering him from view entirely for a while.
When the sparkles cleared, Dory's jaw dropped in astonishment at the form Nik had transformed into.
As she opened her mouth to speak, Nik forestalled her; "If you're going to say anything along the lines of "You're a fairy" then don't!  I am a knight of the Fae, I have lived for  hundreds of years and my Queen sent me here to protect you.  Unfortunately, when I transitioned from our world to yours I became trapped in the form of your doll." 
"But why would your Queen send you here to protect me?  What's so special about me?  And what does she want you to protect me from?"  "I do not know" replied Nik, "I know only that she said I must protect you and your children.  She knows many things, and there are many prophecies she has access to, perhaps she believes you or your descendants will fulfil one of them.""In any event, I must leave you for the time being, I will not go far but now that I am no longer bound to your home I must scout out this island and see what protections I may lay around it.  I will continue to guard you from afar."
Life soon settled back into something approaching normality, although the house seemed much smaller with the triplets gone.  It was soon time for the twins' birthday and although their older brother and sisters were not able to make it back for the celebration, Mira threw a huge party for them anyway. 

As the party got into full swing, Tamara was thrilled to discover an uninvited guest in the kitchen.  She embraced Joshua's spirit, torn between wishing she could join him and wanting to stay with her daughter and grandchildren. 
Outside all the guests danced and enjoyed themselves.  Although the mood lamp which Mira had bought for the occasion did seem to have some rather odd effects.
As dusk began to fall, it was time for the main event of the party - the ceremonial blowing out of the candles!

Dyan went first, as the guests cheered, even his grandfather's ghost floating over to watch.
Although he was rather disappointed when they then all turned around to watch the ghost rather than his aging up!
Dyan aged into a rather handsome young man (behind all the birthday sparkles) and decided that he could definitely do without company if people were more interested in ghosts! 
Then it was Dory's turn, the party was thinning out now as night was falling, but the remaining guests all gathered round anyway. 
Dory grew up into a beautiful young lady and decided that whatever her twin decided to do with his life, she was going to stay at home with her mother. 
With the most important part of the party over, everyone say down to eat the large quantities of birthday cake and talk about their futures. 
Eventually all the guests left and the family headed inside to bed. 
The next day was of course graduation for both Dory and Dyan.  The family dressed up in their best and headed over to the town hall where the ceremony was to be held.

Dory was voted as most likely to be mediocre by her classmates.
While Dyan was voted most likely to never leave the house, as well as picking up class valedictorian. 
After the ceremony was over, Mira took them all to the nearby lounge for a celebration.  However, they had only just arrived when tragedy struck. 
Tamara had had a good life, but as the family arrived at the lounge she felt her body suddenly become light and she was unsurprised when the Grim Reaper arrived to take her away.
While her family mourned, she went with him without question, knowing that she would be reunited with Joshua now.

Tamara's death put rather a dampener on the mood, and after a brief meal and some dancing they decided to call it a night.

Dyan decided to move out that day and found himself a small cottage on the beach front where he intended to vegetate and write novels as an excuse not to get a job.  He took one of the kittens (whom he had called Elwood) with him and Dory kept the other (whom she had named Merlin).

Pet Spam

Town News
  • Andreas Harris-Crist, Sindre McKinley-Sabo and Kaitlyn Sperie aged to teenagers
  • Bobbie Clemetis, Bernard McKinley, Kane Sperie-Sabo and Pete Roman aged to young adults.  Bernard got a job in politics, and Pete got a job in medicine.
  • Raindrop and Tempest Sabo aged to adults
  • Aquarius Ocean, Cedric Harris and Bryce Roman aged to elders and Cedric retired.
  • Kaitlyn Sperie has been dating Torey McKinley-Crist and Salvador Harris
  • Raina Sabo-Harris and Ralph Marlin-Crist are dating
  • Tyson Marlin dated Susanna Stacy (townie), got engaged to her and then broke up with her
  • Menolly broke up with Tempest Sabo (again)
  • Scarlett and Elijah McKinley broke up.
  • Adalyn and Fabio Sperie-Sabo are expecting another baby


  1. Wow, Gen 4 already. Congrats on the milestone! Not goanna lie, Dory was my favourite so I'm really excited to see how her life pans out, and what her roll is. Can't wait!

    Also: Fairy boy is very very easy on the eyes. (And yes, I will be calling him that from now on)

  2. Aw, it was sad to see Tamara go, but she got to see all her grandkids grow into young adulthood before she met.

    Nik is much cuter in his fae form, lol. I look forward to Dory's generation!

  3. I'm all caught up!! I love your legacy, Ali, it's so interesting to see what's going on. I am so impressed that you've been going back and forth from China, you've inspired me to try some travelling in my legacy too. I usually hate the wait times...I can't wait to see how Dory's generation begins.

  4. Most likely to be mediocre? Aw, sad! =(

    I'm going to miss Tamara, but I'm looking forward to Dory's generation! Still don't trust the IF-turned-fairy though, but I'm curious to know more about him.

  5. Did the game actually say "most likely to be mediocre" or was that you? Either way, it was cruel! Love Nik's wings, BTW

    1. It was the game, its one of the ribbon/awards they get at graduation (I think it comes from Generations).

  6. Haha, I had to laugh at the "most likely to be mediocre" award as well!

    So interested in the fae aspect of the story!!

  7. Going to go and vegetate as an excuse to not get a job. Lol! Loved that! Can't wait for the return of Nik! I'm incredibly curious about him and his role for the story.