Monday, 24 December 2012

Chapter Seventy Nine

Once Elenie had learned to walk & talk and been potty trained, Dory and Pete decided it was time to pay a visit to their extended family in Shang Simla.  Mira was eager to see her oldest children again and, given the odd happenings around their family home, they decided to bring all the pets along with them, just in case.  The local hotel was well equipped and they phoned ahead to make sure there would be no issues.
As soon as they had got settled in, they went to pay a visit to Kyra and her husband, Zhanzu, who were living in the old Yat Sen family home.
While Dory introduced her baby to her sister and Kyra cooed over Elenie, Mira used her tablet to get in contact with Kariny and Karal to organise what they would be doing on their stay.
Meanwhile, the menfolk got themselves reacquainted over a game of chess, knowing that it would be their wives and mother-in-law who would decide what the plan was for the day.
Eventually, everything was organised to Mira's satisfaction and the whole family met up in the local gardens.  While Dory caught up with her brother and sisters (including the news that Karal's wife, Mei Lin had recently had a baby girl who they were calling Selma), Mira began to paint portraits of her oldest children and Pete found some Chinese storybooks to read to Elenie.
One of the storybooks told the story of how a great war had once divided Faerie.  The Seelie and Unseelie Courts had battled for centuries without either side gaining the upper hand.  In the end, a truce had been agreed on, but the mortal lands had been left in ruin from the side effects of the magic used in the war; wild magic had distorted the weather and there were terrible storms and earthquakes ripping the land to pieces.  Many of the greater fae from the seelie courts had joined forces with witches, wizards and other magic users from amongst simkind and had between them wrought a great spell to calm the weather.  Since that day there had been no weather in the mortal realms and the great spell ensured that the lands were all kept watered despite the lack of rain.  

"What do you think Elenie?" asked Pete jokingly as he picked her up, "Was that true?  Or just a story?"
Mei Lin had been listening as Pete read to Elenie, and as he said this, she turned and responded solemnly "In the annals of our Order, there is a much more detailed version of that story.  It did indeed happen and our Order was a part of the great weather spell.  However, it is prophesied that one day, when all the damage caused to the world by the Great War has healed itself, the great weather spell will break down and we will have true weather again."
As the evening drew on, Elenie was the centre of attention from her extended family, all of them taking it in turns to pick her up and cuddle her.
Not to mention tickle and tease her until her silvery giggles rang out around the gardens.
Back at the hotel, Merlin and Misty had been occupying themselves in the absence of their simfolk.  After a lot of playing chase together, Misty began to nuzzle Merlin with an unmistakable intention.
There was a small pet kennel set up on the outside of the hotel and the two cats headed there with purpose. 

The remainder of the holiday passed peaceably, Mira occupied herself painting many pictures of the family, Elenie in particular.
While Dory and Pete played with their toddler daughter, free from the ordinary domestic routines back home.  They also spent a great deal of time with their extended family, making sure that Elenie got to know them all well. 
Dory and Pete were also able to have some quiet time to themselves in the hotel while Mira babysat her granddaughter. 
There was a little nursery attached to their suite of rooms and Mira would read Elenie to sleep at nights to give Dory and Pete some time alone.
Mira did however make some time to go and see Kyra on her own.  She had bee growing increasingly concerned about her family and had decided that Kyra, for all her eccentricities, was probably the best placed of all her older children to confide in.  Kariny was too neurotic and would likely panic if Mira told her what was going on, while Karal was a little too light-minded.  She told her all the strange events which had occurred around the family since Dory had grown up.

"I am concerned at what has been happening.  It seems to have all started since Dory grew up and it's got worse since she married Pete.  I never told you, but your grandmother once told me that she saw darkness around Dory, as if it wanted her and I'm afraid that something is after her.  I'm also deeply concerned about Elenie, something happened while she was a baby to activate the faerie genes she inherited from her father and I'm not sure whether this was an attack on her or intended as a gift or even a defence."
"Don't worry Mum, you send me reports about anything that happens and if you need me then just send word.  I don't know what will happen but I'll do anything I can."
All too soon, the holiday was over and the family flew back to Dragon Falls.  Mira continued to spend her new leisure time playing with Elenie, and happily read her to sleep as often as she could.

Pete was working nights now, and often when he came home he would just nap in the rocking chair until the morning so as not to wake Dory up. 
However, he did eventually have a couple of days off, and while he caught up on his sleep, Dory got Elenie ready for the day. 
Once everyone was up and dressed, they set out for a family day out at the local play park.
They had a very enjoyable day, and Elenie loved playing on the toddler rides for hours on end.  She loved it so much that she really didn't want to get off. 
Pete and  Dory had just managed to get her off the boat ride when the smell of burning arose sharply around them.  From out of nowhere small fires began to blaze in a circle around them.
The fires blazed hotter and hotter and suddenly from the other side of the circle of flames Nik appeared and, rushing through them untouched he scooped up Elenie and grabbing Dory by the hand shouted "Run".
Dory stumbled after him as he took Elenie to safety, but strangely Pete seemed rooted to the floor.  As Dory ran through the flames she heard him scream "I can't move!" 
Nik ran back into the flames and began to extinguish them, seemingly completely unharmed, while a thoroughly scorched Dory screamed from the outside and Mira held tightly to little Elenie, who had also escaped any damage from the fire.
Eventually, all the flames were gone, but as they died down Dory saw with horror that it was too late.  Pete's body slowly turned transparent and the colour of the flames which had consumed him and the Grim Reaper appeared behind her. 

As the Grim Reaper floated over towards Pete's spirit, he spread his arms, seeming to ask the Reaper why.  The Grim Reaper just slowly and silently shook his head and took Pete's hand.  And just like that, they were gone, leaving just a small headstone in his place.
Nik went over to a shaken Dory who still seemed in shock from what she had just witnessed.  He threw some sparkling dust over her and her singed state disappeared, her clothes restoring themselves by magic. 
She stared at him for a moment and then flung herself into his arms crying hysterically. 
Nik held her until her sobs quieted and then, putting a gentle hand to her shoulder, offered to come home with her to help out.  Dory was too spent to do anything except nod her agreement.
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Town News
  • Carita Sabo aged to a toddler
  • Carmen Sperie-Harris aged to child
  • Han (Kariny & Rian's son) & Minna Harris-Crist aged to teenagers
  • Adalyn Sperie-Sabo, Adamina Sperie-McKinley, Faye McKinley-Crist, Ryan McKinley-Crist, Tylar Marlin-Mitchell & Ellis Harris aged to elders
  • Adamaris Dennis, Tyson Marlin  & Scarlett McKinley died of old age
  • Christy Sabo & Bernard McKinley are expecting a baby as are Dyan Yat Sen & Joey McKinley
  • Grant Sperie-Sabo & Brook Harris-McKinley had a baby boy called Christopher
  • Kaitlyn Sperie & Andreas Harris-Crist had a baby girl called Megan
  • Minna Harris-Crist & Allen Sperie-Sabo are dating


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