Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chapter Eighty Two

Dory's second pregnancy had not gone as well as her first, and she had been having a lot of back aches and feeling hormonal.  Nik sent her off to spend some time at the spa as a treat to make her feel better.
Meanwhile,Nik had decided to check out the new festival which had been set up on one of the nearby beaches in celebration of the summer.  
After sampling an ice cone, and finding it quite refreshing, he entertained himself by playing tricks on other sims who had also decided to visit the festival.
Eventually, he got bored of that and spent some time practising his sports skills and entertaining himself with various activities.  He decided that he would bring Dory along the next day if she was feeling a bit better in order to distract her.
When he got home again, he spent some time in the barn working out on the treadmill, he wanted to keep in shape to progress various of his schemes but he found the position of the treadmill in the barn awkward and while he worked out he made plans for setting himself up a small home gym in the main house.
One thing the treadmill being in the barn was good for was it enabled him to keep an eye on Elenie.  He'd bought a small child's oven and ordered her to learn to cook on it whenever she had finished her other chores around the house.She wasn't very skilled at present, but Nik found great pleasure in forcing her to eat whatever she made if it hadn't turned out good enough for him to consider eating it!The following morning he sat down with Dory in the living room and broached the topic of making some changes to the house.  "I've been thinking, with the new baby due, we really ought to redo the nursery, I don't think we really need a bathroom for the baby just yet and if we opened up some space there we could make a much nicer room.  With your mother moved out to the barn rooms with Ug-Laruka to look after her we could knock some of the bathroom attached to her old room into the larger nursery (which would make more room for our baby when he needs a bathroom of his own) and convert the rest of the room into a home gym.  There's a few other things I'd like to do to the grounds too, there's so much space we're not really using.""Anyway, I thought I could get some of the minor fae in to do the work while we paid a visit to the new festival the town has set up on the beach.  They'll be able to get in done so much quicker than ordinary human workmen.""I've also been thinking about your ancestors, I know your family haven't been keen on burying them in the town graveyard, but I thought we could make a nice little family plot out the back of the museum your grandfather built.  It would mean they could all be together and a part of your family's history."
Dory listened to everything Nik had to say, then stood up

"Of course dear, whatever you think is best.  Shall we be off then?"
While her mother and stepfather went off to enjoy the festival (and the town's official holiday) Elenie was left to do the chores around the house.  Making the beds and cleaning the dishes and such like.
When she was done, she found that even though it was a town holiday her stepfather had arranged for her to have extra schoolwork for her homeschooling and she sat down with a sigh to get on with it.
Eventually she was done and, no-one else being around, she was able to catch a few minutes nap in the rocking chair.  She didn't sleep soundly though as she had to be on the alert for anyone coming in.
Nik and Dory had headed first to the family museum and Nik had used his faerie powers to turn an empty area behind the building into a charming little plot planted with flowers.
Dory proceeded to re-bury all her family, including the pets, laying them all to rest together.Once that was done, she and Nik hopped into the car to go along to the beach where the town had set up the festival. 
Dory was suffering from pregnancy hunger and went straight to the food stall to pick up something to eat while Nik got himself a snow cone.

Once they had both finished Dory insisted that they take a picture in the photobooth which had been set up on the sands so that they would have a memento of the day.
Wandering around the festival, she spotted a hot dog eating contest and, feeling hungry again, she insisted the two of them take part.  As the contestants lined up no-one noticed Nik casting a small spell...

And it turned out that all of Dory's pregnancy hunger still couldn't beat Nik as he finished the plate of hot dogs in record time!
When Dory first felt the pains in her stomach she thought it was the inevitable consequences of eating too many hot dogs, but she soon realised that in fact it was contractions. 
Nik seemed totally oblivious to his wife's labour, and as she ran home to give birth, he wandered off to spend the evening playing horseshoes!

Elenie had been out in the paddock talking to Taliesen when she heard her mother running into the yard, knowing that she would get in trouble for doing something that didn't involve chores or schoolwork she quickly flew into the barn as her mother ran around the side of the house.
As a result, there was no-one around when Dory's labour finally ended and she gave birth to a small son.It was clear from the way he gurgled and looked around that he loved the outdoors and Dory somehow knew that he would be artistic too.  She and Nik had discussed names beforehand and in accordance with their earlier decision she named her new son Coryn.

Pet Spam

Town News
  • Corinna Sabo aged to a toddler
  • Thomas McKinley-Crist aged to a teenager
  • Pacey Harris and Gideon Sperie-Harris aged to elders
  • Niamara and Kane Clemetis-Sabo are expecting a baby
  • Dyan Yat Sen and Joey McKinley had a baby boy called William
  • Louis Sabo and Sallie Mitchell-Crist are dating as are Thomas McKinley-Crist and Marianne Sperie-Sabo
  • Bobbie Clemetis and Torey McKinley-Crist dated for a while and then broke up


  1. While Nik's renovation plans don't seem evil on the face of it, I can't help but wonder if there's any scheme behind it all, lol.
    Poor Elenie being made a slave to her evil step-father!
    Even though Coryn in Nik's I hope he doesn't turn out evil.

    1. Most of the renovations are just as an explanation for changes I wanted to make to the house (mainly the nursery and outdoors). The only part that really has anything to do with his schemes is the removal of the gravestones from the home lot.

    2. Nik has just made me super paranoid about everything, lol.

  2. Poor Elenie! =(

    Nik makes me so mad, treating his stepdaughter that way. >:(

  3. Even Nik doing fairly everyday things like eating a snow cone somehow seems to come across as inherently evil!

    I still feel so ridiculously sorry for Elenie. Such an awful life that she has at the moment. I hope somehow it manages to change. :(

  4. Wow! Nik is just awful! Ignoring your laboring wife? That's just low.