Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chapter Ninety Six

The day of the school dance happened to fall on Coryn's birthday, but instead of any special celebrations, he insisted on spending the day painting Elenie before dashing off to meet Nicola for the dance.
After he had left, Elenie received a call from Evie and arranged to meet her at one of the local pubs.
Once they had ordered drinks at the bar, they wandered over to the currently unused band area to discuss matters. 
"I understand from Talfryn that you were unable to find the books you needed on the history and lore of the Fae.  It has been some time since I was out in the mortal realms for long and so I contacted some Fae living there who put me in contact with the witches who look after that library." 
"So, were you able to find out where the books are?  What sort of witches are looking after the collection and did they tell you why it had been moved?" 
"They wouldn't tell me much, they have a rather jaundiced view of our people and said that it wasn't my business why they had moved the library since I lived in the Fae realms and not the mortal realms like them.  All they would say was that they did so in response to visions some of the members had.  

The library is still in the same town apparently, but it's protected by magical wards which keep "normal" sims away.  They wouldn't tell me exactly where it is, but they said that any magical creature should be able to find it if they were worthy of doing so.  I wish I could be of more help, but I believe between you and Ieaun you should be able to find it - they may even be more forthcoming with Ieaun since he's 'one of them'..." 
Later that night Coryn returned having had his birthday at the dance.  He was bubbling over with excitement from the dance and with plans for his future.
"Wow, 'Leni, the dance was the most amazing thing ever!  The teachers had constructed a pocket world with an entry point in the school grounds and it was just incredible!  It wasn't very large, just a clearing in a forest, but it was a perfect spring evening with an incredible display of stars overhead and all the trees were lit up with fairy dust so we could see everything. 

"The clearing was carpeted in an amazing display of flowers and instead of seats or tables there were tree stumps and moss-covered boulders which were surprisingly comfortable.  There was a huge variety of food there as well - absolutely anything you could think of or want was there!
When Coryn had finished describing the dance, Ieaun asked what his plans were now that he was a young adult and finished with school. 
"Well, I talked it over with Nicola, I want to be an artist, I can't imagine doing anything else with my life other than painting.  Nicola said that she and her sister Natalia are living alone in a big house so she asked if I'd move in with them after graduation and I agreed." 
Graduation was the very next day and after the ceremony Coryn moved out of the family house and in with Nicola and her sister.   
Now that Elenie and Ieaun were freed of their responsibilities for Coryn, they knew the time had come for them to go back to university.  Evie and Talfryn had offered to look after Jewel and Taliesen (as the university regulations forbade taking pets with you) and the young couple decided to leave a a little before term started and have their honeymoon en route.
They checked into a mid range hotel on Isla Paradiso and proceeded to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying themselves. 
The hotel had a wide range of facilities, including an interestingly shaped pool which looked out over a stunning view. 
After a refreshing swim, Elenie and Ieaun tried some of the local speciality drinks at the bar. 
Before heading down to a nearby beach to explore, before going for a swim in the ocean.

In the evening, they made full use of the hotel facilities, enjoying the wide spread of food laid on (and eating rather too much at each meal!) 

The hotel sauna was very well set up, with a lovely waterfall and steam and even a bath which would have hot water or mud, depending on your preference. 

Elenie and Ieaun made plenty of use of this facility, and when there was no-one else around made the sauna even hotter than it had been before... 
They also spent some time just lying out in the sun and Elenie was able to pick up a nice tan, although Ieaun stayed as pale as he'd always been! 
Whilst there, the two of them also learned to snorkel and scuba dive and were amazed at what they found at the bottom of the ocean! 

While Elenie explored a sea cave, Ieaun discovered that magical creatures lived in the ocean as well as on land and their powers were very different from both his and Elenie's. 


  1. I'm glad Elenie and Ieaun are having such a nice honeymoon.
    I wonder what they'll learn from the merfolk?

    1. They did have a nice honeymoon :) and I enjoyed playing around with the Island Paradise features a bit. I haven't yet decided what (if anything) they'll learn from the merfolk - I'm starting to set a few things up for future generations so the merfolk may or may not end up playing a part in this generation...

  2. Nice pleasant chapter. :)

    Glad that Coryn had a good time at the dance and already knows what he wants to do with his life.

    Elenie and Ieaun had them a nice little vacation and it was funny Ieaun didn't get a tan. LOL

    1. It was quite appropriate that the game didn't give Ieaun a tan - he's a red-headed welshman so I imagine him having slathered himself in factor 50+ whenever he goes out in the sun!

  3. Ooooh! A quest to find the library! I hope they find it and can get Dory back soon.

    Aw! Yay for sweet honeymoons! I hope the down time they get will come in handy. And will Ieaun get to learn anything from the Merfolk?

    1. You've got to have a good quest in a fairytale, which is what this generation has been inspired by!

      Ieaun didn't learn very much from the merfolk - really just that they exist and have magic that's different to his and to Elenie's - but then they're unlikely to spill their secrets the first time they meet a land-dweller, even if he is magic :)

  4. That was nice of Evie to help Elenie track down the library. I wonder what visions these witches had that led them to move the books to begin with. Sounds like a bit of a challenge, almost: find the books if you're magical enough!

    1. I think Evie probably felt a bit guilty that Elenie and Ieaun hadn't been able to find the library when she'd been the one to suggest it to them in the first place, plus of course Elenie is related to Talfryn so is extended family.

  5. Aw, great chapter! Elenie and Ieaun make such an adorable couple. :)

    I'm really enjoying this generation so far. I'm a huge sucker for anything fairytale related, so I loved reading Elenie's childhood story, and this new magical world she lives in completely fascinates me. Plus, it's really fun to see other legacy characters pop up every once in a while. You're doing an awesome job with all the lore.

    Can't wait for more! :D

    1. Thanks, I'm really loving playing around with fairytales at the moment :)