Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Chapter One Hundred and Two

It was a fair way to the portal and the witch had thoughtfully packed them a tasty picnic lunch, so when Elenie and Ieaun reached a peaceful lake at around lunchtime they decided this would be a nice spot to eat at.

Spreading out the blanket she had also given them, while the two unicorns grazed nearby, they unpacked the basket to find it full of delicious home baked goodies.

As they settled down, Elenie asked Ieaun about the conversation she had overheard earlier in the day; "When I came downstairs this morning, you and the witch were talking about your visions and she told you to remember that the future could be changed if you were brave enough; what did she mean?"

Ieaun paused for a moment to collect his thoughts before answering; "You know that when I've been trying to see anything about where your mother is being held I've only been able to see fragments?  Well, I've been seeing these fragments in my dreams as well, but still just as disjointed and incomplete; I'd come down early having woken up from them and when she asked me why I was up so early I explained the problem."

"So, why was she saying about having courage and changing the future if you're still only seeing tiny bits which don't make sense?"

Ieaun reached into the basket for some food before replying "She thinks that subconsciously I'm blocking the visions because I'm afraid of what I'll see - and it's certainly true that I'm afraid of them - when I have them at night I wake up terrified and in a sweat.  She said I needed courage to face whatever is in the visions and that if I faced them and saw the whole thing then if it's bad we can change it, but we can't if I don't stop blocking them.  

"The trouble is, I've no idea how to go about pushing my fear aside - I want to know what we're facing but it's my subconscious mind that's blocking them and I don't know how to break that subconscious block."

They were both quiet for a while as they ate and pondered what to do next.  Although the sun was bright overhead, they both felt sombre and chilled, the discussion had brought the full force of the vision fragments back to Ieaun whilst Elenie was deeply concerned as she thought about how bad they must be to provoke that level of subconscious fear.  Eventually, as they were finishing the meal, she broke the silence; "Weren't you learning meditation at one point?  That's supposed to enable you to control your subconscious mind - could you try seeing while you're meditating?"

"It's got to be worth a try, I really don't like the idea of us walking into things blind and if I'm honest just what I've seen terrifies me!"

As Ieaun chose a spot to meditate in, Elenie decided it would be a good opportunity to brush Taliesen and Ceridwen and check their hooves; she knew it would be better if she left Ieaun in peace - no matter how desperate she was to find out the truth behind his visions.

Ieaun sat cross-legged in the grass and sunk himself in meditation, concentrating on calming himself and, when he felt totally at peace, imagining himself opening an inner eye to use his other sight.  This time the visions were different, flowing rapidly and silently into one another...

As he roused from watching the sequence, his heart was heavy with the realisation of just why he had been so afraid and he wondered how he was going to explain this to Elenie.  He knew though that he had no choice.

"Well, the good news is your idea worked..."

"And the bad news?"

"Erm, you know how Robin Goodfellow said that your step-father didn't want you dead?  Well, something's changed".

Elenie stared at him for a moment as she tried to process that information; "No wonder you were so afraid of the visions..."  her voice trailed off for a while before she squared her shoulders "So after murdering my father and abusing me for most of my childhood that ******* now wants to kill me?  Ok, so we need to work out what we need to change to stop him doing that.

"In the meantime, we need to get on and find the portal to this Winterdream's land, so lets saddle up and while we ride, you think on every detail you can of those visions and see if there's anything we can do differently when we find the ******'s castle because I'm not going to let him kill me and I'm going to make him pay somehow!"

They saddled up and rode on in silence, both lost in their own thoughts until, as the sun began to set, they saw up ahead a ring of stones with a strange distortion in the air in the centre of the ring.


  1. You cheated! Thats not a death unless its canonical! D :

    1. It's not a death yet, but who knows what will happen when they get there and try to cheat what's been foreseen? (Albeit it will be difficult to get away with murdering my heir before she's had any children...)

  2. I can see Ieaun's subconscious was hiding that from him! But it's good he pushed through it so at least they know what they are facing.

    1. Well, they know some of what they're facing at least. Whether that will be all depends on how evil I'm feeling when I shoot those scenes for real and see just what changes as a result of them knowing that...

      Have you (or anyone else) spotted the secret I've hidden in the vision scenes yet? Hopefully it should be identifiable if you look closely enough ;)

  3. Phew! In a way I'm even more terrified now just because Elenie responded by wanting to face that ****** Nik out of anger. What if that's what gets her into trouble in the first place? Oh, Elenie! Stop and think yourself! *Wrings hands

    1. It is a dangerous reaction from her, but even as sweet and nice and good a person as she is, Elenie still has somewhat of a temper and a point beyond which she won't be pushed and I think she's just about reached that point now - after all Nik has done a heck of a lot to her throughout her life and she's had enough of it. Yes she wants some revenge for what he's done, but she also wants to put an end to his interference if she can and not have to live her life with the shadow of what else he might try hanging over her.

  4. Caught up! *Does the happy dance*

    Ok this whole adventure has been awesome so far and im on pins and needles as to what may happen next especially with his vision. I don't blame his subconscious mind for wanting to block those parts of the vision! Great chapter!

    1. Thank you :)

      Yeah, it was a bad vision and part of him really didn't want to see it, the question is; will knowing about it be better than going in not knowing? *evil grin*

  5. Aw, I'm caught up too, and now I'm sad, no more to read! You've done such a lovely job with the fairy tale feeling, I have quite enjoyed reading it!

    Those visions are a bit concerning, and I see lots of things in the pictures, whether they are important or not is the question, lol One of the things I do spy is a Genie's lamp, and I wonder if a Genie will be part of the plan to keep Elenie from being turned into gold. I have never seen that yet btw, a sim being turned into gold, that was pretty cool!

    If she does die---I suppose there are always ghost baby heirs? lol :P I can't wait to see what happens next! =)

    1. Thank you, I've really enjoyed the fairytale stuff in this generation, it's been great fun to plan out!

      Some of what is in the pictures is important, some is just general decor and there's one bit (which I'm not sure anyone's spotted) which is going to be important for the next generation.

      The turning into gold is actually from the philosophers stone - I had to do some playing around with moveobjects to make it look right - there's a chance that a sim using the stone will be turned into gold (and die) when attempting to transmute objects.

  6. O_O Whoa, what the heck happened to Elenie in his vision? She turned into yellow plastic and died? Yeah yeah, for all the witches in my game, you'd think I'd know a bit more about the spells they can cast. But I don't.

    Well that's certainly frightening, and no wonder Ieaun was unconsciously blocking that. But it's a darn good thing the witch helped him work out what the problem was that was keeping him from seeing. Scary or not, they needed to know this.

    (side note, I've never seen the ghost of a fairy, that's neat that they still have their fairy wings.)

    Oh that's her *step-dad* that's imprisoned her mom? ? At least Elenie seemed to take the news seriously, though she still seems pretty reckless.

    1. In the vision she was turned to gold, but despite the way I wrote it, it's not a spell witches can cast - it's the failure from the philosophers stone - I couldn't find a spell which directly kills the sim on whom it's cast.

      It was definitely meant to be scary but they did need to know it.

      Yes it is her stepdad who's got her mother - back when he was kicked out he took her mother with him. Elenie is taking it seriously, she's just really fed up & cross with his interference with her life