Sunday, 10 August 2014

Chapter 116 - Consequences and changes

The morning after their little adventure the twins were woken up early and rousted downstairs to do their homework before school. 
Their parents did allow them to have breakfast before beginning their homework, but as part of their punishment they were restricted to a plain bowl of cereal and both their parents watched them carefully to ensure no dallying.
As soon as they finished breakfast Elenie insisted that they get on and do their homework immediately, pointing out that it was their own fault for not coming home and doing it when they should have the previous night. 
After they'd gone off to school Elenie sat reading at the table while her mother ate breakfast.  After a few moments in silence, she asked "Do you think I did the right thing with them? I feel like I was too harsh, but I don't want them disappearing off like that when we don't know where they are."
Dory thought for a while as she ate; "I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask given my history in bringing you and your brother up, or failing to, but at least you can reassure yourself that you're not making the same mistakes.  They'll need their schooling in life, even if they don't realise it now, and they need boundaries just as much."
While they were discussing the matter, Ieaun decided to pay a visit to his parents to ask the same advice.
Back at home, Elenie got little Celyn up and spent some time snuggling him close.  "I won't be able to do this much longer little one will I?  You're nearly ready to grow up and join your sisters at school..."
She spent a little more time playing with him before reluctantly putting him down with his toys and his grandma to watch him.  
She needed to do some more research into the properties of the plants and minerals she was using for her elixirs to see if she could understand more about why putting certain ingredients together had the results they did. 
The twins were subdued enough after their scolding and early morning to come straight home after school, but Rhonwyn couldn't be completely subdued for long...

"Why don't we go outside and build snowmen before we do our homework?  We don't need to go far and we can come back in to do the stupid homework before it's time for bed..." 
"Wyn, didn't you learn anything from yesterday?  Mam will have our ears if we don't do our homework before playing!  Besides, if we do it first then we don't have to worry about when we need to come in, we can just wait for someone to call us for tea." 
Grumbling slightly, Rhonwyn allowed herself to be persuaded and the two of them sat down together to do their homework, Rhonwyn completely ignoring the desks they'd been provided with in favour of sitting on the floor. 
For whatever reason she finished a little before her sister and went wandering round the house looking for something to do.  Inspiration struck her in Dory's bathroom and she quickly began playing with the shower... 
When she had done she floated over to look at herself in the mirror.  "Long hair's a nuisance" she muttered to herself, "I wonder..." 
Being an impetuous child, the thought was father to the deed and in no time she had found a pair of scissors and chopped her hair off short. 
Just then she heard her parents calling and floated back into the nursery/playroom to find the family gathering around Celyn. 
As they all watched and cheered the birthday sparkles enveloped him and he began the transformation from a toddler into a child.  
Rhonwyn and Celyn played for a while at the blocks table, but Rhonwyn's attention span didn't last without Bronwyn around to keep her interested.
She abandoned her little brother and went to find Ffion, giving her a good brush before playing with her.
Elenie meanwhile had been working on her elixirs when one went wrong.  She headed for the nearest shower, being the one in her mother's room, to clean the soot off herself... 
It came as a massive shock when her hair turned bright yellow before she'd even managed to get all the soot off, but she had a pretty good idea of who she could blame for this.  
Of course, just to make matters worse, the shower then broke just as she finished getting herself clean and she had to transform into her fairy form in order to fix it. 

Just a quick update of what Rhonwyn looks like in CAS with her new hairstyle


  1. Oh Rhonwyn! I have to admire her spirit if nothing else. lol. Good for Bronwyn for not letting her sister run her over on that one too.

    And how weird that everyone's wings disappeared for a moment there once Celyn grew up. Was that just a glitch?

    1. Oh Rhonwyn has plenty of spirit, she just doesn't think ahead very much so Bronwyn has to do most of that for both of them! In some ways they complement and contrast each other - Rhonwyn has most of the ideas for the two of them while Bronwyn provides the restraint on the wilder ideas.

      Do you know, I hadn't even noticed that everyone's wings disappeared until you commented! I expect it was just a momentary graphical issue or something like that

  2. Oi, Rhonwyn. She's such a little trouble maker! This can only get her in trouble, right?

    1. Well, that was the intention... Of course, getting the game to co-operate is another matter!

  3. Woo! I'm caught up! I was feeling guilty that you were reading mine but I hadn't caught up with yours.

    Rhowyn is a trouble maker, isn't she? And I'm a little surprises Elenie didn't yell at her for her haircut. My mum banned me from using scissors when I was about 5 for cutting my fringe off.
    I'm a little worried that Rhowyn will drag Bronwyn down with her. Hopefully she'll not go down the mischievous root along with her ghost sister.

    This may have been said before, but I love how Ieaun and Rhowyn are yellow! They match the house and all the furniture being yellow, haha

    P.S. I loved the fairy tale-esque story you did for Elenie growing up. I love fairytales still

  4. Rhonwyn is an active little girl, isn't she? But atleast Bronwyn was able to talk her into doing homework, so it's not completely impossible talking sense into her atleast. Even if she chose it herself :) I like her new look, she really seems more the type not beeing bothered with short hair.

    It'll be interesting to see how Celyn is going to be as a child. A bit calmer type than Rhonwyn perhaps?

    1. I like her new look better too, I just wasn't satisfied with the old hairstyle.

      I haven't quite decided what Celyn is going to be like as a child, I have to figure that out before I can write the next chapter.

  5. It's still a little awkward between Elenie and Dorie, isn't it?

    Haha, it seems like everything Rhonwyn does is an attempt to get into trouble. Maybe she wants some more attention.

    1. It wasn't so much awkward between them there, the issue was more that Dory still feels her failures as a parent quite strongly and as a result doesn't feel able to give any advice.

      Rhonwyn doesn't try to get into trouble really, she just doesn't have a thought in her head for the consequences of anything she does. Which is why when Bronwyn pointed them out to her she backed down. She's not a bad kid, and she's not really looking for attention, she just doesn't think

  6. Ah, wise words from Dory. Elenie can indeed rest assured that at least she's not making the same mistakes her mother did. And the girls do need boundaries, as well as education.

    1. They're a lot wiser words that Dory realises, she thinks Elenie's parenting is already miles better than her own so she was mainly trying to reassure her. All kids need boundaries, the difficulty is in getting those boundaries right.

  7. It's good that the girls have each other to kind of balance each other out, hopefully Bronwyn is able to help curb some of her sister's impulsiveness. It's neat to see how well they get along too, and even though sometimes it seems Rhonwyn is the stronger personality---it seems like Bronwyn can hold her own, lol They ended up doing homework first!