Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chapter Fifty Five

Upon arrival in Shang Simla, Miralys groomed Cinnamon and checked her hooves to make sure she was in top shape after the journey.
That done she decided to get started straightaway on learning martial arts, her research on the way over had revealed there was a small Academy in Shang Simla where sims from all over the world could learn a form of martial arts called Sim Fu. 
Arriving at the Academy Miralys found a dummy which no-one else was using and began trying out some of the basic moves she'd read about.  It was hard work, but her general fitness levels stood her in good stead, although they didn't stop her getting hit regularly by the dummy as it spun round.
Miralys hadn't been there long when she was interrupted by a young man dressed in a martial arts outfit.

"Hello stranger, are you enjoying your visit to Shang Simla?  You look like you could do with a few tips on Sim Fu if you don't mind me commenting" 
"I don't mind at all" Miralys responded, "at least, not if you're prepared to give me some of those tips and maybe even a lesson or two!"

"Certainly" responded the young man, "it would be my pleasure to share my knowledge of the art of Sim Fu, my name is Liang Yat Sen by the way"

Miralys gave him her name and he spent the rest of the day tutoring her in Sim Fu.
As the day drew to a close, Liang gave Miralys his address and invited her over the next day so that he could explain some of the philosophy behind Sim Fu"After all" he said, "one cannot learn the art of Sim Fu without learning what it means."The next day, Miralys decided to take Liang up on his offer.  She saddled Cinnamon and rode over to the address he had given.  As she did so she noticed a large cave mouth on the hillside overlooking the town.  It was formed in the shape of a dragon's mouth, much like one back in Dragon Falls, but for some reason this one gave her the chills.
When Miralys got to Liang's house she rang the doorbell nervously,  she'd only met him yesterday and part of her thought he'd probably have thought better of his invitation by now.
Her fears however proved needless, Liang was delighted to see her and introduced her to his mother, Abi, who was playing the piano in their main room, before beginning to tell her about the history of Sim Fu.

"A long time ago, this town and much of China were under the sway of an evil warlord called Dong Hua, he wouldn't allow anyone save his guards to carry weapons in case they fought against him.  But a few brave monks from the Order of the Resolute Fist taught the townspeople Sim Fu in secret and eventually Dong Hua was overthrown"

The two of them spent most of the day chatting together and Liang told Miralys much about the history of Shang Simla and the philosophy behind Sim Fu.

Later that evening, Miralys went down to the market and tried some egg rolls from the small food stall there. 
She also visited several of the local merchants and bought some souvenirs as well as ordering some a Sim Fu dummy and board breaker to be delivered to her home back in Dragon Falls.  

Liang had said that he wouldn't be around much the next day, so Miralys decided to go for a long run and see some of the sights of Shang Simla.
During her run she was fascinated to come across a couple of places where old pottery and relics were laying around and she did a little excavation, finding some beautiful pieces. 
She was also fascinated to find a spot filled with large statues of men and horses and took care to take several photographs to take home with her. 
In the afternoon she went back to the Academy and practised her Sim Fu.  Liang's tips had helped her enormously and she really felt she was getting the hang of it. 
After a while Liang turned up as well and offered to spar with her for a few rounds. 
Those rounds ended much as might be expected, given his greater experience but Miralys loved the practice and felt that she could really see how the moves she had been practising worked in a fight.
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  1. Liang = future baby daddy? :D

    I'm glad Miralys is having so much fun in China.

  2. So happy Miralys is getting some time off!

  3. Miralys is learning and exploring and becoming quite the young lady :)
    She will love having had these experiences.