Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chapter Fifty Two

Menolly had lost track of how long she'd been down here in this cell by the time the vampire came back.
This time he'd come into her cell, entering and shutting the gate behind him so quickly she never saw him move, he looked her up and down appraisingly before catching her gaze.

As he did so she felt completely frozen, as though she had no control over her own body, a feeling that was confirmed moments later when he told her to follow him and her body obeyed even while she tried to stop herself...

He led her out of the cell he'd been keeping her in, through a large bedroom decorated in red and black and into a sizeable bathroom in the same colour scheme.

Once there, he ordered her into the shower and again she found her body obeying his orders while he stood and watched.

When she was finished he handed her a pile of clothes saying "You will wear these from now on, these modern clothes are entirely unsuitable for your role now"

Finding her voice had been freed, Menolly demanded to know what he thought her "role" would be and what right he thought he had to keep her here.

"Oh my pretty little captive, you are the first in my new herd.  Your blood, part vampire as it is, will be so much sweeter and more powerful than a normal human's would be, and I will make your children's blood even more so...  Now, put the clothes on" with the last words Menolly felt her will disappearing again...

Once she had changed, he began speaking again "Of course, I have not introduced myself to you yet have I?  My name is Vladimir, but you will call me Master, now follow me"

Back in his bedroom, Vladimir handed her a plate of food and told her to sit down and eat, seating himself opposite he watched her "I must keep you well fed of course, you humans are so fragile and I need your blood to be strong"

When she had finished he led her over near the bed, caressing her cheek, his next words chilled her all the more "You realise of course that I could prevent you from knowing anything that happens, but your fear and revulsion taste so sweet when I control your body and leave your mind knowing what is happening to you."

In a flash of instinct, Menolly knew he had told her that to heighten her terror and hatred, but his control over her body was too strong for her to resist.

"Mmmmmmm" he murmered, "fear and hatred make such a sweet mixture, your blood will taste soo good" and with that he bent his head to her neck and she felt the sharp pain as he bit down.  As he drank she felt her energy fading and a deep lethargy taking over her body"

When he had drunk his fill, he bent his head again, kissing her deeply, her blood still on his lips.  Even as her mind shrieked, he controlled her body, forcing her to submit to him.

Once he had finished, he dragged her back to her cell, locking the gate and shutting the secret door into the room

Menolly curled up in bed and cried herself to sleep, her anger at what had happened to her was fading, overtaken by stark terror at what Vladimir's plans for her were and what would happen to her next.  She desperately tried to summon up her rebellious anger at him and the world but the fear he had instilled in her was too strong.

For a time her life fell into a pattern, Vladimir would appear in her cell, take her into the bedroom, feed her and then drink from her.

When he was finished, he would make her play the piano to him and force her to do whatever he wished.

After a while however, he left her in her cell alone, never appearing while she was awake or aware, although every time she awoke there was food for her in the cell.

For a long time she had no idea what had caused this, and her feelings swung from relief that she didn't have to deal with him and dread as to what lay next for her.  Eventually however she noticed that her clothes were getting tighter and tighter and soon after that, a pile of new clothes were left in her cell with her food and she realised that she was pregnant.

When the hidden door into her dungeon cracked open one day she was consumed with fear for what this meant


  1. D : Poor Menolly!

    I can understand why this was a hard chapter to write but you did it very well. Your style has improved so much lately and I can't wait to read more.

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    I'm excited to read where you take this.

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