Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chapter Sixty Five

With the triplets having recently become teenagers and the twins' teenage birthday looming, Joshua was feeling his age somewhat and looking back over his life he wanted to leave his grandchildren a lasting legacy.  So he bought a small property near their home and began work on turning it into a family museum.
He paid particular attention to the small garden he created there, planting perfect examples of every plant he had nurtured in his own garden.

Whilst inside he put up displays of Tamara's horseriding trophies together with several of Nia's photographs, a few relics Mira had brought back from China and miscellaneous bits and pieces the family had made or picked up over the years.

Nia was also aware of her grandparents' age and she asked both Joshua and Tamara to pose for her so that she could paint portraits of them.

Although the triplets had different interests, they also spent a lot of time together, especially when it came to sharing the burden of homework.

Not that that stopped them from enjoying their own pursuits, Karal had developed an interest in music as a child, but now that he was a teen he was often to be found playing a keyboard or other musical instrument.

Kyra and Kariny on the other hand continued to be fascinated by their childhood pursuits.  Kariny was keen to become a scientist when she grew up and had already perfected quite a number of chemical potions, not that that stopped her trying to invent more!

While Kyra continued to try and invent new items for use around the house, although she did have the odd mishap while doing so!

The twins on the other hand, couldn't be more different.  Dyan was rather a lazy child, he hated the outdoors and was never happier than lounging on the settee in front of the TV or playing video games on the computer.

While Dorilys loved to be active and outdoors.  She loved nothing better than to be out and about, watching wild animals and coaxing them to come home with her or petting her grandmother's horses.

She found it impossible to understand why her twin didn't enjoy these things too and as a result what time she didn't spent out and about was spent alone with Nik, talking and playing.  Nik seemed to understand her so much better than Dyan did and sometimes she wished he'd been her twin instead.

Soon enough it was time for Dorilys and Dyan's birthdays.  Since their birthday fell on a weekend, Mira organised a massive party and invited not just their friends, but Nia's and the triplets' friends too.

The party was a huge success and Kyra started making some moves on young Zhanzu Yodsuan... 

The main point of the party was of course the birthday cakes, Dorilys went first, and as she became a teen all her thoughts were on romance and who her first boyfriend would be.

Dyan went after her, and it was soon clear that he would be a very typical teen and hard to get out of bed in the mornings!

As the party wound down, only Dorilys saw Nik age up to match her age.

Pet Spam

Town News
  • Bobbie Clemetis, Bernard McKinley and Pete Roman aged to teenagers
  • Alexis Sperie-Harris, Grant Sperie-Sabo and Brook Harris-McKinley aged to children
  • Andreas Harris-Crist and Kaitlyn Sperie-Fields aged to toddlers
  • Irish Marlin, Nathaniel Harris-McKinley and Quetzal Sperie aged to adults
  • Joey & Ramin McKinley aged to young adults
  • Menolly Clemetis and Tempest Sabo are expecting a baby as are Anastasia and Raindrop McKinley-Sabo, Lien and Arthit Yodsuan and Ellis and Nathaniel Harris-McKinley
  • Adabella and Gary Sperie-Fields had a baby girl called Shadow
  • Mei Lin Yodsuan and Bernard McKinley got part time jobs


  1. Your pics are great! Since I just got done catching up on all 64 previous chapters, I can really see how you're developing in style and screen captures. Way to go! I especially like the 'museum' of family memories Joshua built. What a cool idea!

  2. You've got some lovely teens! Wow! I'm very intrigued to see how you will use the IF in you story.

  3. The family museum is a great idea. Leave it to Joshua to preserve memories for ages to come :)