Saturday, 1 September 2012

Chapter Sixty Six

The morning after the party, Dorilys got up early to make breakfast for the whole family.

Before going out to watch the local wildlife, Dory was utterly fascinated by wildlife, she loved to watch the birds and other creatures and regularly tried to coax them to come home with her.

Meanwhile, the triplets had gone to the local pub to meet up with some friends.  Kyra and Karal had been getting very close to Zhanzu and Mei Lin Yodsuan and Kariny had invited Rian Harris-Crist whom she had a crush on.

Rian had been forced to bring his little brother Andreas along with him as his parents hadn't been able to find a babysitter, but he and Kariny spent most of the afternoon chatting and gossiping, especially after his parents picked Andreas up and left the two of them alone.

Karal and Mei Lin had already gone past that stage.  They spent the afternoon holding hands and flirting together and Karal surprised Mei Lin with a bunch of flowers in her favourite colour.

Towards the end of the day, Karal asked Mei Lin to go out with him and she was only too happy to agree.
Kyra and Zhanzu also had a fantastic date and by the end of the day they too had agreed to go out.

When Dorilys got home from a day running around the island, she ran upstairs to the barn room which her grandparents had allowed her to use to keep all the birds and animals she collected.  Nik was waiting for her there and she was eager to tell him her news.

"Mum says we're all going to China for a trip, Dad's going to give us all some training in Sim Fu and tell us about his family history!  It's going to be so amazing!"

Nik however wasn't as excited as Dory had expected.  

"You're all going away to China?  For how long?  You know I won't be able to come with you to protect you?  Something about whatever has trapped me in this form has also confined me to your home.  Indeed I wish you would not wander so far from your home, I cannot protect you whilst you are not at home and there are many who would wish to harm you."

"Oh Nik, don't be so silly, Dad's going to train us all so we can protect ourselves and I'll be alert to anyone who tries to hurt us."

"But you do not know how to tell if someone means you ill, I tell you, there are those who would try to befriend you in order to deceive and entrap you, and you cannot know who to trust!"

"Nik!  You're not suggesting that Dad can't be trusted?!"

"No, I have no reason to believe he cannot be trusted, although not having met him I cannot say for sure, but I know there are those who would deceive you."

"Well, I'll be careful, but whoever these enemies may be, I won't let them shut me up in my home my whole life"

When the family arrived in Shang Simla, Mira spoke to Liang before he started teaching the children.

"Liang, you know I'm always happy to come out here to see you, but why is it so urgent to teach the children now?  Dory and Dyan are only just teens, surely they have time before you need to train them?"

"I hope they do, but there are two reasons I wished them to come out and learn as soon as possible.  The first is that the sooner they begin learning the more understanding of their powers they will have."

"And the second?  What aren't you telling me honey?"

Liang sighed "You know that Mother has visions don't you?  Well, her visions have become restricted.  She knows that Dong Hua will try to break loose soon, but she can't see beyond that and she doesn't know who, if any, will survive."

Mira was stunned into silence at this revelation.  She was terrified that after this visit, she'd never see Liang again.

From there, Liang gathered the triplets together first, and gave them the full story of their family history as he had explained it to Mira so many years ago now.

From there, he spoke to Dory and Dyan and told them the same thing.  At the end of each recitation of the family history he told all the children that they were the next generation of guardians for the Dragon Cave and at least some of them would need to come back to China permanently to take their place guarding the world.

As the children absorbed the full impact of what their father had told them, Liang began teaching them all, firstly teaching them Sim Fu and then training them all in how to recognise and use their own unique powers.

Late that evening, Mira cornered her mother-in-law, Abi, and asked her about her visions.
"I am sorry my child, I cannot see past Dong Hua's next attempt to escape.  I do not know why, it could be that I will not survive and my visions cannot see past my own death, or it could be that there are too many possible paths for me to see which will come to pass.  However, there is a warning I must give you, your youngest daughter - Dorilys - there is a darkness around her.  I do not think the darkness is coming from her but there is something seeking her and you must watch her and keep her safe."
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  1. Ooooh shit's getting real. (You have no idea how long I've been dying to use that. Thank you for giving me the opportunity)

    I wonder what Abi sensed about Dorilys. I thought her doll was supposed to be her protector! If it turns out he's actually evil I might squeel with happiness. You KNOW those things are supposed to be evil... just look into their cold dead eyes.

  2. I do not trust Dorylis' "protector." Nik reminds me of the evil stepmom in Tangled with the whole "you can only be protected if you stay in this tower" spiel.

    I hope they figure out what is up with Abi!

  3. Enjoying your story - especially since you're using the Dragon Cave as legend and China because Shang Simla is my favorite WA destination. In fact, I use twallan's "Traveler" mod to make it one of my sim family's permanent home. Maybe someday I'll write a legacy for them only in China, that would be fun!

    The kids are all growing up very interesting, I like their variety!

  4. Wuh-oh! Someone's seeing through Nik!

  5. Hmmm,,,, could Nik be the darkness? I dunno. I don't think so, but dolls are sort of creepy.

  6. Just found your legacy a few days ago, and I'm hooked! Trying to catch up as fast as I can, but with 100+ chapters there's a way to go yet....

    Why do I get a sinking feeling that Nik is a bad guy? :P