Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chapter Sixty Eight

After Nia's graduation is over, Dory called Pete and arranged  a date with him.  They met up at the local restaurant later that evening and enjoyed a quality meal together.

The restaurant was right next to the theatre and so, after the meal was over, the two of them decided to watch a concert.

As they came out of the theatre, Pete comforted Dory who was still upset about her grandfather's recent death.

Of course, comforting soon moved into rather more romantic action, which certainly took her mind off her loss!

Especially when he tells her how happy he is that she asked him to go out with her.

With Nia having moved out, Tamara decided to move back into the main house, the barn conversion felt too big and lonely without Joshua to share it with.  She was delighted to wake up early one morning and find Joshua's ghost sitting in the room watching over her and waiting for her to wake up.  He wouldn't (or perhaps couldn't) tell her anything about the afterlife, but she was comforted to know that he was still around in some form and that they would be reunited one day.
Dory had been struggling to think what she wanted to do with her life once she grew up until one day she was sent to the local hospital and science lab for an after school project.  During the project she met a zoologist who, on hearing how much she loved animals and spent time observing and befriending them in the wild, suggested that she if she were to bring any wild animals she was able to catch to the lab, they could tag them and learn more about them by releasing and tracking them.  Dory was enthused by this idea and left the lab with the promise that they would pay her for any animals she was able to bring them and a further promise that no harm would come to the animals as a result.
Two more sad events soon shook the household, first, the Grim Reaper came for Cinnamon one night and the whole household gathered round as he rode her spirit into the night.

The next day, when the whole household was out, either at work or school, he returned, this time for Fluff.

The triplets' birthday was now fast approaching and with this in mind Kariny arranged to meet her boyfriend, Rian, at the local pool after school one day.
After some initial flirting and kissing, she nervously raised an issue she had been thinking of for some time.

"Rian, you know we're all going to graduate soon, have you thought about what the future holds at all?"

"Not a great deal" he blushed suddenly and quietly admitted "I've been hoping we could maybe stay together once we grow up."
Kariny looked down at the floor.  "I'd really love that, the thing is, you know my dad is from Shang Simla?"

Rian nodded, looking confused.

"Well, me, Kyra and Karal are all planning on moving out there once we graduate.  Dad is part of an ancient order of monks out there and we want to follow in our family tradition.  Kyra and Karal have already talked to Zhanzu and Mei Lin about it, but they're from another family who are part of the same order and they're eager to do the same thing..."  She trailed off, not sure how to ask if Rian would come with her.

"Are you saying you'll be leaving me behind?  Because I'll come with you if you let me!"

Kariny was thrilled to hear what she had most hoped for but at the same time had dreaded she wouldn't hear and she threw her arms around Rian and kissed him thoroughly.
Later, as evening fell, the two of them sat together looking at the stars and she told him how happy she was that he wanted to go with her. 
The day of the triplets' birthday, Mira organised a small birthday party, inviting their respective dates and Dory's boyfriend Pete (Dyan didn't have a girlfriend, probably because none of the girls at school were interested in a slob who spent all his time playing games or watching tv and he was too lazy to try and convince any of them to date him!)  She also invited Nia, but unfortunately she wasn't able to make it.
Karal enjoyed playing music to the party guests, especially serenading Mei Lin, although the mood lamp Mira had bought especially for the occasion did have a slightly odd effect on him for a while!

And the party was interrupted slightly when Rascal gave birth to two kittens!
However, the main focus of the party was of course the birthday cakes and celebrations.  Kyra went first, and it was soon clear that she would be do her best work late at night!  She also managed to pick out a suitably eccentric outfit (as per usual) for her formal wear.

Once Kyra was done, it was Karal's turn and he had obviously been practising his kissing with Mei Lin throughout their teenage years... 

Finally it was Kariny's turn.  Her genius had been joined by the ability to fix broken household items and upgrade them easily.  Her choice of clothes also showed her pride in her heritage.

The celebrations were abruptly cut short however when Mira's phone rang insistently.  Irritated at the bad timing, she glanced at the display to realise that it was Abi calling her.
Mira assumed that Abi must be calling to wish her grandchildren a happy birthday and answered the call.  Her happy assumption was shattered with Abi's first words.

"Mira, you must come immediately!  Bring the children, they are needed too!  Liang..."

The call was cut off in a rush of static and no matter how many times Mira tried to call back she couldn't get through.
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Town News
  • Sterling Harris-McKinley, Shadow Sperie-Fields, Sandy Clemetis and Michael McKinley-Sabo aged to children
  • Raina Sabo-Harris aged to a teenager
  • Rian Harris-Crist aged to a young adult
  • Adalyn Sperie-Sabo, Adamina Sperie, Adabella Sperie-Fields, Ryan McKinley-Crist, Ellis Harris-McKinley, Glimmer Sabo, Gideon Harris and Pacey Harris aged to adults
  • Ryanne Roman, Seirian Roman, Adamaris Dennis, Danya Crist, Scarlett McKinley, Boy Marlin-Crist, Harper Harris, Yuki Sabo and Lukas Sperie aged to elders.
  • Raindrop and Anastasia McKinley-Sabo had a baby boy called Mort
  • Tyson Marlin and Auburn Mitchell have split up
  • Lukas Sperie got engaged to Susanna Stacy (a townie), broke up with her and started dating Irish Marlin
  • Adamina Sperie proposed to Ramin McKinley and they are engaged
  • Tylar Marlin and Blue Mitchell started dating and are now engaged
  • Niamara Clemetis started dating Tyson Marlin but broke up with him
  • Torey McKinley-Crist and Raina Sabo-Harris dated for a while but then split up
  • Bobbie Clemetis and Kane Sperie-Sabo broke up
  •  Niamara Clemetis adopted a puppy called Smokey


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    I gotta hand it to you for doing a story that goes back and forth between two locations. I have an island (survivor) story that takes place on a tiny island just off Niua Simoa (kiwitea's world) and I found it exceptionally difficult to go back and forth as some of the generations grew up and moved to the 'main' island rather than staying on the tiny offshoot. It's similar to what you're doing. I would take them back and forth using the "Traveler" mod from twallan, but there was always the chance of bugginess and you also can't keep two worlds 'aging' at the same time and so I got frustrated with it and decided if I ever did it for storytelling, I'd have to really work at keeping two worlds active! Good job!

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