Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Chapter 111 - Babies

As Elenie's pregnancy progressed, she and Ieaun spent a great deal of time reading about parenthood.  Unfortunately, although there were a great number of books available very few of them seemed to agree on anything!  Nonetheless, both of them wanted to be as prepared as they could, so they continued to read everything they could.
Putting the latest book down with a sigh, Elenie turned to her husband; "So, this book says that we need to let our babies cry, unless they're hungry or in need of changing, while the last said that we should get up and reassure them every time they cry...  It's so confusing."

Ieaun laughed, "Well, if Mam's stories of when my brother and I were babies are anything to go by, we won't have much choice about whether to let them cry or not - she said she'd do almost anything to shut us up for the sake of her own sanity!"
Elenie sighed "Ah well, at least it should be soon now.  You said you saw we'd have twin girls, did you see anything else about them?"

"Bits and pieces, they'll be as thick as thieves and drive us up the wall..."  Leaning over he kissed her lightly "Don't fret cariad, all will be well."
Elenie went to pull a face at him, intending to object to his suggestion that she was worrying, when she felt a sudden spasm.  Jumping to her feet she put her hands to her tummy and gasped "I think we'd better head to the hospital..."
Fortunately, the hospital was only just across the road from their home and they were there within minutes.  
After a lengthy labour, Elenie eventually gave birth to the first of twins, a healthy baby girl with sparkling lights floating around her.  Moments later, their second daughter simply phased out of the womb, a tiny golden spirit with darker sparkles who seemed just as healthy as her twin, despite her incorporeal state.
Taking their daughters home, Elenie and Ieaun settled them into the newly decorated nursery.  They had discussed names while the healers were checking the two babies and on the short walk home, and after some thought, decided to name them them Bronwyn and Rhonwyn.  Bronwyn was the elder of the two and Rhonwyn the younger.

Once the two babies were settled in their nursery, Elenie decided to have a quick nap.  While she was doing that, Dory introduced herself to her granddaughters, cuddling the two of them in turn, she promised them quietly that she would be a better grandma than she had been a mother.
Later on, after Elenie had awoked refreshed from her nap, she joined her mother tending the plants in the greenhouse.
While they were doing that, Ieaun gave each of the babies a bath and settled them down to sleep, leaving a baby monitor in the room with them.
He regretted that slightly  when they were both awoken early in the morning by their daughters' cries echoing through the monitor...
Stumbling downstairs, not even getting changed first, he and Elenie each picked up a daughter and began to cuddle and feed them.

Once the twins had been fed, changed and cuddled, Elenie and Ieaun placed them in a couple of baby swings and left them in the care of their grandmother.  

Ieaun had to head off to work, while Elenie was keen to make at least some with her alchemy and science experiments.
When the twins began to fuss again, Dory carefully got them out of the swings, fed them and settled them down for a nap.
Meanwhile, Elenie had finished a batch of elixirs and rode over to the alchemy store to sell the spares off and pick up some more notes for her research.
After passing the elixirs over, she spotted Evie browsing the displays in the shop and headed over to talk to her, calling her name.  

Evie turned to greet her "Elenie, I was hoping to see you, how are the babies?"

"They're doing well, although I'm a little concerned about Rhonwyn being a spirit, what will that mean for her?"

"To be honest with you, I don't know.  It's a rare thing for anyone to be born a living spirit and I've never come across it before.  However, I have some important news for you.  I've received confirmation that Nicodur is dead, slain by his Queen for his failures.  You don't want to know the details; I understand it was a particularly painful and gruesome death, even by Morgana's standards..."
"He's dead?  Is it wrong that part of me feels cheated and the other part glad?  I know I shouldn't rejoice in the death of another, but he's caused me so much pain that I rather wanted to kill him myself..."
"Oh, I don't blame you for that, but he was never the ultimate villain, just the henchman sent to do his queen's dirty work.  Then again, he was only too happy to carry out her orders, or attempt to, and ultimately he chose to follow her knowing what she was like, what sort of thing she would order him to do, and what her penalties for failure were... I won't be mourning him either."

"So, if he was only the henchman and she's killed him for his failure to kill me, does that mean she's given up on her plans, or just on his ability to carry them out?"

"Likely the latter I'm afraid; Morgana is a queen of the fae, she won't give up on her aims although she may change her plans for how to achieve them.  The real question is not whether she's given up, it is how long it will take her to make new plans to achieve her aims - it could be a year, it could be a century...  I suspect though that her next set of plans will involve your children rather than you.
"I just wish I knew what changed to make her decide to kill you rather than try to corrupt you, I know she wants the power of the prophecy, but if we knew why she changed her tactics then we might be able to predict what sort of plans she will come up with next.  I will keep alert for any information coming out of her realm.  In the meantime, you get back to your babies and bring them over for a visit soon!"


  1. Awwww, those two are so adorable! And boy is Elenie right! They all want to tell you how to be the perfect parent and no one has the same advice. Hopefully she'll just follow her instinct which will lead her to the best for her children.


    And Dory doing her best to bond with the babies. Just sweet!

    Babies! Yay babies! I love their names.

    Ah! So Morgana is indeed still after them. Though I'm glad she's going to wait for a little bit. Hopefully she'll wait a very long time before going after the girls.

    Also- you didn't update the number of children... More? =D

    1. I don't have kids myself, but I've definitely received the impression that everyone has a different lot of advice about them. Fortunately sim babies do all follow pretty much the same pattern in terms of looking after them so they should be fine...

      Morgana is still after them, I'm currently intending her to be a recurring opponent through most, if not all, of the legacy. She will however have a tendency to use others to do her dirty work.

      There may well be more babies to come, although to be honest, I don't always remember to update my rolls immediately so don't always rely on that!

  2. Babies! Finally. And a ghost baby to. That's so cute and fits so well into the story. It's great to see Dory bonding with her grandchildren. I haven't thought about it before, but Elenies husband is in her favourite colour. That's so neat.
    And Nicodur's dead :D Wonder how Dory will feel about that, if she ever gets to know? Atleast Morgana will leave them alone for a while now. Hopefully a long while.

    1. I have to admit that had Elenie not had a ghost baby anyway, I might well have cheated and made one of them a ghost... I must also admit that when I was choosing which ghost type to turn Ieaun into, the fact that the transmutation ghost was gold/yellow did play a part in the decision...

      I think if Dory finds out that he's dead she'll be more relieved than anything. When she realised all the things he'd done that killed any love she genuinely had for him (and a lot of her feelings were actually caused by his enchantments anyway).

  3. Yay babies! :D One of them is a ghost fairy, wow, I don't think I've ever seen that combo before!

    Elenie and leaun (I dunno why, but I have the hardest time remembering how to spell his name, lol ) are such an adorable couple---it's good to see Elenie so happy. It is worrying though that Morgana won't give up.

    1. Yep, a ghost fairy, plus, thanks to Hybrid, both of them are witches too..

      Elenie and Ieaun are cute, and it is nice to let them have happy times (don't worry, I sometimes struggle to spell his name too - I think its because there are so many vowels in a row).

      Of course Morgana won't give up - I need an ongoing antagonist! :-)

  4. GOLDEN GHOST BABY!!!!!!!!! Omg love it <3333 Is she a fairy too?! I saw sparkles ;)

    Such hilarious timing for labour there, too! The twins must've heard them talking.

    So glad Nic is dead! But now really worried what Morgana has planned. I'm sure whatever it is it won't be pleasant. I hope they can start working out what she may do so they can take precautions!

    1. Hehehe, yes, golden ghost baby, and not only is she also a fairy, both she and her twin are witches too...

      It hadn't even occurred to me about the timing for labour there, but yes, it was rather good timing on the twins' part

      Yep Nic is dead, but Morgana is making plans for her next line of attack, and no, it's unlikely to be pleasant - she doesn't go in for pleasant...

  5. A fairy witch golden ghost baby!!! Wowww. Twins are adorb of course. So much goes into taking care of the little ones. Can't wait until they grow up. Sad to hear Morgana may still be after them. Poor Elenie has been through soo much. I hope Morgana waits a long time too before she decides to attack.

    1. I was very pleased to get the twins (and to get a ghost baby too). I'm keen for them to age up since babies are a bit boring in sims (although I believe they are at least a lot easier to take care of than in reality).

      Morgana was always going to continue going after them, but she'll want to lay her plans before making any more moves.

  6. Whoot! Babies! And a ghost baby too! I love the anti-burrito thing you have going - where did you get that mod/clothes?

    It's worrying that Morgana is still after them, especially since she'll most likely be targeting the children next. Hopefully Elenie and Ieaun will be able to protect them!

    1. I love the baby clothes too, I can't remember exactly where I got them from, but I followed a link in a thread on MTS...

      *goes off to look*

      OK, here's the thread on MTS where I found the links for the clothes http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=509225&highlight=babies

  7. Wow, a ghost behbeh! I only had one of those once, back when s3 first came out and I was playing agnes crumplebottom in sunset valley. Well I fear evie is right, and I had that thought even before she said it to elenie--that the babies would become the new target. I'm not mourning nicodur either! Wonder what dory will make of the news, tough.

    1. Yes, I'm afraid it was somewhat inevitable that the twins would be the next target. I was hoping for a ghost baby as I've never managed to play with one properly yet and I have a storyline in mind which having a ghost child will play into nicely. Dory won't be grieving for Nic either, it may not find its way into the story itself, but when she finds out she'll be relieved - the vast majority of her feelings for him were the product of his enchantments and what genuine feelings she had have long since been turned to hatred from his behaviour.

  8. Awww--babies! I kind of laughed at the idea of a baby floating out of the womb. That makes sense for a ghost baby! I guess that would make childbirth easier. I wonder if Rhonwyn's going to have a harder life since she's a ghostie? And they're hybrids? That's interesting!

    I'm glad Dory's doting on them.

    1. It made a lot more sense, after all, how do you physically push an incorporeal baby out of the womb? Unfortunately for Elenie, it didn't make the process that much easier since she still had to push Bronwyn out! I used a mod to make them hybrids - EA's decision not to allow hybrids was one of my more disappointing moments in simming, but thankfully Twallan came to the rescue!

  9. Sorry to be so behind, but I am finally catching up!
    I'm so happy for twins, and one of each supernatural type. Their names are lovely. =)
    I'm definitely not sad about Nic dying, he deserved it. But I worry for the twins, with Morgana still in the picture.

    1. Yay for catching up! They're actually both hybrids - Rhonwyn is a ghost-fairy-witch and Bronwyn is a fairy-witch.

      Nic definitely deserved to die, but you're right - Morgana won't give up, but she'll doubtless have a different set of plans to make with the last lot having failed.