Monday, 17 March 2014

Chapter 112 - Mischief in the Making

Elenie had analysed the strange seed which she had created as a resault of her experiments, but what it was still escaped her.  Eventually she decided that the only thing left to do was to plant it; she didn't want it out in the greenhouse with the other plants though, so she added a planter bowl to her study and planted the seed there so that she would be able to continue studying it as it grew.
Soon enough it was the twins' birthday and the family decided to go out for the day.  Whilst Bronwyn was quite peaceful and calm en route in her pushchair, gurgling happily as she looked around; Rhonwyn was the opposite, she refused to stay still, wriggling around and spent half the journey screaming and flailing her little arms around.
Once they reached the small garden park, Elenie had to spend a considerable amount of time calming Rhonwyn down, and it seemed like no time at all before Ieaun had to leave them and head off to work.

 In his absence, Elenie and Dory continued to play with the twins; Bronwyn seemed to love just lying on the baby mat and watching the toys swing back and forth, but every time they tried to put Rhonwyn down she would start wailing.  As the afternoon drew on, Elenie felt her phone buzz and, cradling Rhonwyn in one arm whilst looking at the text message she'd received with the other, she told her mother to pick Bronwyn up and come outside.
Waiting outside the garden was Coryn; Elenie rushed up to him first and spent some time showing off her babies and catching up on the local gossip.
Eventually Coryn turned to his mother, his face taut and his voice flat as he greeted her "Hello mother, I see you're looking well."
Dory looked at her tall son and felt a pang as she realised how much of a stranger he was to her.  "I suppose I am well enough now that Elenie has brought me back here."

Coryn swallowed and said "Well, I suppose that's good, I must be getting home now though".  Turning away, he gave Elenie a hug and left.  Elenie looked over at her mother's crestfallen expression and, putting false cheer into her voice, said "We'd better be going too, Evie and Talfryn have invited us over for the girls' birthdays and Ieaun's meeting us there."
As they arrived outside Evie and Talfryn's cottage, the full moon rose to bathe the land in it's eerie radiance and Evie quickly invited them inside.  
The adults spent some time chatting and catching up, whilst young Seren hovered round the babies, until it was time for the birthdays to begin.  Bronwyn went first, and everyone clapped and cheered as she blossomed into an adorable little toddler.
Then it was Rhonwyn's turn to join her sister and as everyone clapped and cheered her, Bronwyn managed to hover in the air and tried to clap her hands too.
Unfortunately, the twins were still too young for cake and had to make do with bottles of milk, and as Ieaun bent down to hand a bottle to Bronwyn, Rhonwyn decided to try her wings out too and hovered wailing for food.
It was getting late by the time they had been fed and so they all said their farewells and headed off home.
By the time they got home, Bronwyn was fast asleep in her father's arms, but Rhonwyn was wailing away like a little banshee, and despite the fact that she was obviously tired, she wailed and thrashed her arms around as Elenie tried to put her to bed (albeit she then dropped straight off as soon as she was actually in bed).
As the days passed, the family discovered that it would always be Rhonwyn who would wake them up, screaming to be let out, for food, or for any number of other reasons, while Bronwyn would sit there in her own crib, chewing on her fingers and watching her twin.
Life settled into a round of changing, feeding, washing the twins, and their personalities began to show through.  Rhonwyn never wanted to stay still, and anything she wanted she wanted right now!
Whereas Bronwyn was a much quieter happier toddler, smiling up at her parents and grandma as they looked after her and usually happy to watch and wait for what she wanted.

A little while after the twins' birthday, Ieaun suggested taking them to the toy shop to pick up a few more toys for them.  As they came up to the toy shop, Bronwyn looked up at the building wide-eyed, whilst Rhonwyn wriggled in her pushchair, leaning forward and yelling "ot, ot, ot!"

They allowed the twins to crawl around the shop for a little while, pulling them back from fiddling with the displays, but noting which toys they both went for, before Dory gathered up a selection and took them over to the till while Elenie and Ieaun gathered up their children ready to head home.
Alas, while they were out, Jewel's time in this world came to an end, she had lived a good long life for a cat and now it was time for her to leave.
The Reaper picked her up and gave her a good fuss and cuddle before nodding to the circle of animals which had formed around him.
Placing her back on the ground, he opened the portal to the next realm and Jewel leaped through it.
Shortly after this, Elenie inspected the small plant which was growing from her mysterious seed and decided that it wasn't growing fast enough.  Summoning up her magic she cast faery growth spells on it until it had reached it's full growth.
The plant which emerged seemed rather odd, and after taking plenty of measurements and readings, Elenie decided to attempt to harvest it.
To her surprise, she found herself pulling the entire plant out of the planter, only to discover that it was a strange baby boy!  She and Ieuan named the little plant baby Celyn and quickly rearranged the nursery to accommodate an extra child.
Life became even more hectic with the addition of an extra child to the family.  Bronwyn and Rhonwyn were just starting to learn to talk, and were becoming more and more vocal about wanting their parents' attention.
It also took some time for them to get used to Celyn's needs; he never seemed to be hungry, or indeed to need changing, but every moment he was awake he wanted attention and cuddles from someone.
Fortunately, he spent a lot of time sleeping, and appeared to have a remarkable ability to sleep through Rhonwyn's shrieks whenever she woke up wanting food or to get out of her crib.
She and Bronwyn were talking more and more now, although their babbling wasn't always intelligible to anyone other than the two of them.
They were also getting more and more adventurous, as Dory and Elenie discovered one day when Celyn's cries interrupted an attempt to teach the twins to walk.  
Dory popped Rhonwyn down by the dollshouse saying "play with the dolls now little one, grandma will be back in a moment".
Going into the part of the nursery where the cribs were, she picked up Celyn, murmuring softly to him "What's the matter little man?  Are you lonely again?"
Rhonwyn played with the dolls for a little while, banging their heads on the ground and muttering to herself, until a thought suddenly struck her.  Looking round, she saw her grandma was still occupied with her baby brother and her mother with her twin.  Catching Bronwyn's gaze for a moment she giggled to herself.
Quick as a thought, she dropped the dolls down head first and crawled around her mother, over towards the toybox; as she did so, Bronwyn suddenly plopped down on her backside and wailed "ca'n do, mama!"
While Elenie was distracted, Rhonwyn clambered quickly into the toybox, muffling her giggles so she wouldn't give herself away.


  1. Oh wow. That's a lot of babies to handle. The look on Elenies face when Rhonwyns crying is great:) Just like a real tired mum. When Rhonwyn climbed into the toybox, I'll admit I started thinking about her ending up in an alternate dimension of sort. The kids are cute though, especially the little plantsim needing so much human contact :)
    Ah, Coryn. I'd almost forgotten about him. That was one awkward meeting. Well, he actually didn't really grow up with Dory did he. Poor guy, and poor Dory.

    1. It is a lot of babies to handle, fortunately plantsim babies only have two motives - sleep & social - and I have slightly overstated the social for story purposes (it does seem to decay faster but not to the degree I've suggested there).

      I hadn't thought about portals to alternate dimensions, that may be an interesting thing to play around with at some point....

      It was an awkward meeting with Coryn, but although he had a lot more (and more positive) attention from his mother growing up he's not as forgiving as Elenie is

  2. Wow! Rhonwyn certainly seems like she's a handful! Especially compared to her twin sister. It's always so neat to see how different people can be so different, but yikes. lol. And a Plantsim baby! How cool! Though I can imagine that it was a little bit of a shock for all of them, going from no kids to three in such a short time.

    And oh, Coryn! It wasn't her fault. Here's hoping he can see that before it's too late to mend fences. :(

    1. Rhonwyn is definitely a handful. Bronwyn's a lot quieter, but don't count her out for mischief and trouble either (it may not have been obvious, but she deliberately distracted her mother so that Elenie wouldn't notice Rhonwyn getting into the toybox).

  3. Oh my, too many babies! I was so surprised at the plant baby--I had completely forgotten about plantims! I'm with Urunwa--I imagined Rhonwyn ending up in Narnia or something.

    1. The two of you have given me all sorts of ideas now! I wonder if I can work something like that in at some point...

  4. Oh boy! Rhonwyn seems like she's going to be a handful! And happy birthday to the little girls!
    haha I just saw that Sunny said the same thing as me, about Rhonwyn.

    And now Celyn. Boy they really are going to be busy. I wonder how the twins will take to Celyn.

    Silly little girls, as if we don't know the toy box is every kid's favorite hiding spot :D

    1. Both the twins are going to be a handful (as Ieaun predicted when Elenie's pregnancy started showing), their personalities are quite different, but between them they're going to get up to an awful lot.

      I've not yet decided how they'll take to Celyn, it's quite hard to portray toddler reactions to babies since they can't interact at all in game.

      As for hiding in the toybox, we may know that's every kid's favourite hiding spot, but they don't; they'd be very disappointed to learn they're not the first to think of it.

  5. Hehe! Aww! The twins are so cute, and PLANTBABY!!! I've not tried that out yet. I hope Rhonwyn grows out of this fussy stage, or she'll be such a handfull as she gets older!

    I hope Coryn can forgive his mother before it's too late. It wasn't really Dory's fault, and I feel bad that he didn't seem to make an attempt to talk to her properly. He'll regret it if he never gets to know the real her :(

    1. This is the first time I've played with a plantsim, so I'm interested to see how he develops. Rhonwyn isn't so much fussy as entirely lacking in patience and that trait isn't going to just disappear, indeed both she and her twin are going to be a handful as they get older.

      Coryn has his reasons for not being ready to forgive his mother, I'll try and put together a scene or two soon to explain those.

  6. The girls are so cute, but wow, Rhonwyn is so busy! She definitely is going to be a handful! You've got quite the rainbow going on, having a ghost and a plantsim. I can just imagine Ieaun's surprise when Elenie told him of Celyn. Unless he knew beforehand it would happen?

    1. Oh yes, Rhonwyn is most definitely going to be a handful, she's barely even got started yet...

      I think if Ieaun had known beforehand about Celyn then he would probably have told Elenie, so they were both quite surprised. Then again, he's a living ghost and their two daughters are faerie-witch hybrids one of whom is also a living ghost, so they're kind of used to odd things happening!

  7. Aw, the twins are adorable! And now you have a little plantsim baby! That's a lot all at once.