Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Chapter 113 - Toddler Trouble

Once Dory had finished settling little Celyn, she came back out into the nursery and looked round for Rhonwyn to carry on teaching her to walk.  When she realised that the toddler wasn't where she had left her she began to panic.  

"Elenie!  Where's Rhonwyn?  What's happened to her?"

Elenie put Bronwyn down and looked around for her other daughter, who was nowhere to be seen.  Turning back to her mother she attempted to calm her down.

"Mother, stop panicking, she's only little; she can't have gone far, she can't even manage the stairs yet.  We just need to keep calm and we'll find her.

As Elenie said this, Dory suddenly spotted a movement in the toybox behind her.   Rhonwyn dropped down into the toybox immediately, but it was too late, her grandma had already seen her.

Dory opened the lid of ther toybox and plucked Rhonwyn straight out.  "You little mischief you...  What were you doing hiding in that toybox?"  

Rhonwyn just looked up at her and giggled merrily.  Shaking her head Dory laughed.  "Imp!  Now, you show grandma how well you can walk."

When Ieaun got home from work, they took a break from teaching the twins to walk in order to potty train them for a while.

When that was done, Dory went downstairs to cook dinner while Elenie and Ieaun continued teaching the twins to walk.

The next day dawned sunny and bright, if a little chilly, and since Ieaun had the day off work the family decided to pay a visit to the autumn fair.  The first thing they did on arriving was to get a family photograph.

That done, Elenie and Ieaun took the twins to a small playground which was fenced off within the fairground.  There were a number of toddler rides there and Bronwyn chose a horse to ride, whilst Rhonwyn opted for a dragon.

They had a lot of fun, squealing to each other and their parents while they bounced backwards and forwards.  Eventually however, Elenie and Ieaun decided that ride time was over; Bronwyn happily raised her arms to her mother to be taken off but Rhonwyn resisted, folding her tiny arms and pouted as she chanted "no, no, no!  D'agon!" until Ieaun was forced to simply lift her off despite her struggles.

As soon as the two of them had been put down, Rhonwyn dived for the toybox and started pulling out toys.  Seeing that the two of them were settling down to play, Elenie and Ieaun left them and Celyn being watched over by Dory (and Ffion the fox).

Ffion showed a lot of interest in Rhonwyn, sniffing her carefully while Bronwyn played quietly with a toy.

After a while, Ffion wandered off to look for something and left the twins happily playing with toys.  As they played, Rhonwyn suddenly crowed " 'ook 'win!  Toy go poof!"

Bronwyn giggled and responded "Toy come bac!"

While the twins were discovering their new ability, Elenie challenged Ieaun to a pie eating contest.

It didn't take long though for Rhonwyn in particular to become bored with making toys disappear and come back and, waiting until Celyn started to fuss and distracted Dory, she tugged at her twin and whispered "splore!" before toddling off.

Not wanting to be left alone, Bronwyn merrily followed her twin, catching up with her as they reached the gate to the kids playground.  Spotting the "haunted house" set up across the fairground, they exchanged glances, giggled and headed towards it.

Unfortunately for the two of them, just as they reached it, Elenie found them.  She swooped down and caught Rhonwyn up in her arms, unerringly identifying the ringleader and telling Bronwyn to stay where she was.

Once she had hold of Rhonwyn she began tickling her ferociously "little mischief, where were you two off to?  Do you know what happens to naughty little girls?  They get tickled!"

Looking down at Bronwyn she added "Come along now, it's your little brother's birthday now and you're missing it!"
Alas, when she got the two of them back to where Dory and Celyn were waiting, Celyn had already aged up to a toddler.

A few days later, Elenie decided to pay her younger brother a visit on her own as there were things she wanted to discuss with Coryn.

Once she had told him all about the twins and Celyn, expounding at length on the antics that Rhonwyn regularly led her twin into, she asked about his life.

Coryn sighed "Things haven't exactly gone to plan for me.  I still love painting and art, but it's not worked as a career move, instead I'm teaching art to the kids here.  Nicola and I drifted apart after we left school; we're not seeing each other any more and I've not found anyone else."

Elenie hugged him "Oh, Coryn, I'm sorry!  Did you want to move home rather than live on your own?"

Coryn laughed, "Oh, it's not that bad,  I've found I actually rather enjoy my solitude so don't worry about me!"

Elenie looked at him carefully "Well, if you're sure..." she trailed off before taking a deep breath "There was something I wanted to talk to you about though."

Coryn narrowed his eyes "Mother.  You want to know why I don't want to see her.  I know you've said she was under all sorts of spells, but father tried to bespell me and it didn't work.  She should have fought his spells."

He took a deep breath to calm himself before continuing "Leaving that aside however, I'm wary.  Father was too powerful to let her and you go so easily, how do you know all his spells are gone from her?  You said yourself that he left a lot of damage in her head, especially her memories, what if he left more spells to be triggered later when we all trust her? "

Elenie considered that for a moment, "But, Coryn, it wasn't easy.  Ieaun died and I would have too if Evie and Talfryn hadn't come when they did.  Besides, your father is dead, his queen killed him for his failure - doesn't that suggest what happened wasn't planned?"

"Perhaps.  Do you mind if I think on this alone for a while?"

Back at home, Dory was teaching Celyn to walk while the twins played together with blocks, building structures and destroying them again.

As Dory concentrated on Celyn, she didn't notice the twins discussing their ability to disappear their toys...

"Toy go poof!  Poof!  Where toy go?"

"D'no, go poof, come bac"

"We go poof!  We fin' ou'!"

They continued discussing this idea for a while and watched their grandma, looking for their opportunity.  After a while, Celyn began to fuss and Dory took him to the rocking chair to calm him. 

 The twins watched and waited until Dory drifted off into a doze before quietly putting their bricks down and sneaking out of the playroom in search of somewhere to try their idea without interruptions.

They settled on Dory's bedroom and plonked themselves on the floor to practice with their toys before attempting anything more advanced.  

As they did so, Bronwyn said "me no go, 'win go, me stay"

"Bu, bu, why?"  Rhonwyn crinkled her forehead in confusion

"We go, no com bac, me stay, bring 'win bac"
Rhonwyn wasn't convinced on this idea, but Bronwyn stuck to her position and the two of them concentrated on the feeling they had when they disappeared their toys, but focussing that on Rhonwyn instead, and then in a puff of smoke, Rhonwyn was gone.
As the smoke formed around her, Rhonwyn closed her eyes instinctively and when she opened them again, she was somewhere else, staring up at a group of photographs.

Author's note: since you don't really get a good look at Rhonwyn due to the effects of her being a ghost, I decided to take pictures of both twins in CAS/Stylist so you can see what she's like properly.  Bronwyn is first (in purple) and the Rhonwyn (in blue)


  1. Rhonwyn's quite the mischiefmaker, but beeing a fairy-ghost that's probably bound to happen :) The twins are really cute, and so clever! But Rhonwyn's still at home right? Not in some alternative universe?
    And little Celyn:D He's so adorable with his little leafhair. I love plantbabies :)
    The picture of Elenie and Coryn laughing was great, especially with what they were discussing. I like to think they laugh because Nick got killed.

    1. Oh she's certainly a mischief-maker, and she's only a toddler so far... They are rather cute, as is Celyn - I downloaded the leaf hair as EA didn't bother to give babies or toddlers any options for it :(

      As for where Rhonwyn is, you'll just have to wait and see, but you may be able to make some guesses by looking at that picture carefully... (As a hint, you may recognise some people in the photographs on the wall, but not others...)

      I'm glad you like the picture of Elenie and Coryn laughing, it was a bit out of character given the topic of conversation but hey.

    2. Oh, I recognized the people int he pictures. I've just read so many blogs by now I automatically expect the worst ;P

  2. Rhonwyn! Oh man! I'm betting that if she's already getting into this kind of mischief she'll be a real handful when she gets older. Wow. lol. Her curiosity is just what all toddlers have though. lol. I'm glad Bronwyn stood up for herself there at the end if nothing else. Hopefully she'll stick to that line later on too. And now just where did Rhonwyn end up? I think those pics are of Elenie and Ian. I'm hoping those are pics of Elenie and Ian that are hanging somewhere in their home too!

    Oh Coryn. :( I know how hurt he is and I really hope he gives his mother a second chance. Though he did bring up a valid point. Could there still be spells on Dory that linger?

    1. Rhonwyn will definitely be even more of a handful when she's older, not intentionally, but she's very impulsive and curious... Bronwyn on the other hand is the thinker of the two. The reason she insisted on staying behind is that she realised that when they were making their toys disappear and reappear they were still there and pulling the toys back to them so she decided that one of them should stay behind as an anchor to pull the other back. As for where Rhonwyn ended up, that's for the next chapter... ;)

      Coryn isn't so much hurt as wary. He understands how powerful and manipulative his father was and is struggling to believe that Elenie rescuing their mother wasn't orchestrated by his father. As a result he feels he needs to be on his guard. He's wrong in this case - although he's right about his father's power, he doesn't realise how arrogant he was. Although Nicodur could have easily bested Elenie and Ieaun by himself, he never considered the possibility that they would have help and he also focussed rather too much on her mother's family line and never bothered to find out anything about who her father was descended from or whether she had relatives on that side of the family whom she might meet (and not accounting for dragons in your plans is a recipe for disaster)

  3. Rhonwyn's a lively little girl, they're going to have their hands full with her :D Oh! Is she a little witch, too? Oh her parents are just going to love her disappearing act, hehe.

    And now three toddlers. Phew, that's going to be a busy household! I suspect having Dory back is a godsend, since she's an extra pair of hands to help with all the training and babysitting.

    Coryn certainly has valid concerns, but I do hope he comes around regarding Dory. I hadn't even thought of the possibility of her still being under other spells, though. Will they be safe?

    1. Oops, that published from my old blogger account. This is Misty, just so you know :)

    2. They're both witch-fairies, so expect some fun with that as they grow older! Rhonwyn will certainly be a handful for her parents, although I'm hoping that Bronwyn will act as a bit of a counterbalance to her.

      Coryn's concerns are quite reasonable, but I will set everyone's minds at ease in that respect - he is mistaken. He's going to have to think long and hard about what Elenie's said, but hopefully he'll go and ask the right questions of the right people.

    3. a witch-fairy and a witch-fairy-ghost! I haven't played with hybrids much yet, I bet that's neat. I've not played with many supernaturals much at all, actually, except for witches. And soon, fairies. I'm glad to know that Coryn's concerns are off the mark in this case. Still, wise of him to be wary, but it'll do him and Dory both some good to mend.

  4. The twins are so cute <3
    And mischeivous! Wow! Where is she?? I get the awful feeling it's somewhere sinister...

    1. They are cute, I'm slightly regretting having a ghost child as I only really get to see how cute she is in CAS/Stylist! I do have some fun storytelling planned for it though.

      Rhonwyn in particular is very mischievous! As for where she is, I promise I'll get the next chapter up soon, but don't worry too much about her :)

  5. Well that's a good trick for a mischievous kid! I hope she'll be safe, though.

    1. It was a good trick, although I don't think her parents appreciated it...