Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Chapter 114 - Parallel Life

Elenie arrived home just as Dory woke up from her nap; as she walked into the nursery she found Dory carrying Celyn to the door looking worried.

"What's the matter mother?  Has something happened?"

"I was rocking Celyn in the chair and nodded off and now those twins have gone wandering off again!"

"Don't worry, they can't have gone far - remember last time we found Rhonwyn hiding in the toybox?"

The two of them began looking around the house and shortly found Bronwyn playing with a toy on the floor of Dory's bedroom.  Dory put Celyn down on the floor to join her as Elenie asked "What are you doing in here young lady?  And where's your sister?"

Bronwyn grinned happily up at them and responded "we play, 'win go poof!"

"Go poof?" echoed her mother, not understanding in the slightest.

Bronwyn nodded energetically "Go poof!  Toy go poof, so 'win go poof, fin' out where toy go!" and with that she demonstrated by tossing her toy in the air and making it disappear.

As Bronwyn's words sank in, Elenie did something she'd never done before, even in her most stressful times... She went into a full blown panic and started screaming incoherently.

Brownyn looked up at her mother in surprise and said "Don' wowwy mama, 'win come back"

Meanwhile, Rhonwyn was gazing around the place she had ended up in.  She was in a grown-up's bedroom and the walls were covered in photographs.  She spent some time looking up at them and muttered to herself "That mama, but where wings?  Mama ha' wings but no wings...  An' where dada?  Tha' no dada!"

Getting up she wandered out of the bedroom and found herself in a hallway.  At the end of the hall was a large photo and she stopped as two men, both of whom had been in the earlier photographs walked past.  Neither of them seemed to notice her at all, both looking straight through her as they headed for the stairs.

Rhonwyn wandered on, finding herself in a large living room, again with the walls covered in photographs.  She recognised her mother and grandmother in several of them, together with others who looked to be family members, but family members she'd never met! 

The two men she'd seen on the stairs were in plenty of the photographs, and Rhonwyn began to realise that the older man must be her grandfather, he was often in photographs posing with her grandmother (who looked a lot happier than Rhonwyn had ever seen her) and in what must have been earlier photographs she could see resemblances to her mother.  

It disconcerted her however that her mother didn't have any wings or show any signs of being a faerie in any of the photos and that there was no sign of her father - the stranger in the hall seemed to have taken her father's place!  She began wandering out into an enclosed courtyard, vaguely noticing that the house was set out very differently to anywhere she'd been and that it was a lot warmer.

Eventually she found the kitchen and dining room off the courtyard, and her mother was there!  But she wasn't right, she was all human and normal and that strange man was there with a toddler, and still no-one noticed her at all!

She plunked herself down on the floor sulkily and watched her mother, her mother! flirt with this strange man! Worse still, the toddler he was holding looked like she could have been her sister!

Rhonwyn's faced scrunched up as she muttered "Don' like it, wanna go 'ome!"
Concentrating on the way it had felt to transport herself here and reaching out for her twin, she summoned the magic...

She arrived back in the bedroom just in time to calm Elenie's panic and looked up at her mother and grandmother with a grin of relief.

Elenie immediately swooped down to pick up her errant daughter and assure herself that she was real.

After hugging her tightly she looked down at the little girl and said "Where on earth did you go baby?  Don't you ever do that again!  Mama was so worried about you!"

Rhonwyn looked up at her with big eyes "Sowwy mama, went poof an' saw a mama who wasn't you and no dada!  Me no doey 'gain"

It was with great relief that evening, that the family gathered together to celebrate the twins' birthday.  After the dramas of the day, they had decided not to invite anyone, even family, over and all three grown-ups hoped desperately that the twins would be a little more manageable as children than they had been as toddlers!

Rhonwyn went first as her grandma held her over the cake to blow the candles out (and provided a little assistance) while the rest of the family (except Celyn who was asleep in his crib upstairs) cheered her on.

In no time at all, Rhonwyn had grown up into rather a tomboyish little girl, what her parents didn't realise just yet was that she would be a very hot-headed tomboy...

Next it was Bronwyn's turn, with her mother doing the honours of holding her to the cake while everyone else cheered (except Rhonwyn who was far too eager to get to the cake!)

Bronwyn grew up into an adorable little girl, who would turn out to be much quieter than her sister.

And the whole family sat down to enjoy birthday cake together.

As before, I decided to take pictures of the twins in Stylist/CAS so you could see what they looked like properly (especially Rhonwyn, who is the second picture - dressed in blue).  I'm not entirely happy with Rhonwyn's hair so I may change it, if I do I'll take another CAS/Stylist pic since it's so hard to see details of her looks in game.  


  1. Rhonwyh could go to this plave, but no one could see her. Is is an alternate universe? If she could go there, does those sims exsist parallel to them, or are they echoes of what could have been?

    Elenie takes it pretty well actually, having a toddler disappearing and then poofing right back! It's going to be fun seeing what the twins can do with this ability now that they are children. Especially since Rhonwyns a hothead :D Imagine what she can do if someone crosses her...

    The girls are cute, they look a lot like their mum for now don't they, or are my eyes tricking me?

    1. The place Rhonwyn wound up is an alternate universe in which Dory told her mum about her "imaginary friend" and Nik got chased off before he could get his hooks into her. As a result, she, Pete and both their mothers moved to Monte Vista and had two more kids after Elenie, Elenie never got turned into a faerie and never met Ieaun, marrying one of the Monte Vista pre-mades instead (and becoming a scientist instead of an alchemist). The reason no-one could see Rhonwyn was partly because she's a ghost and partly because she didn't have quite enough power to push all the way into that universe (she only got as far as she did because it takes less power to push spirit through the boundaries between universes than it does to push flesh).

      Elenie's kind of in shock about the whole thing. I haven't decided what, if anything, they'll do with this as children - Rhonwyn got herself pretty freaked out by seeing things that were different but the same and she'd likely to move on to new interesting things, Bronwyn on the other hand might get interested in working out the whys and hows of the whole process.

      They do look a bit like their mum, but I find it hard to tell when they're still kids. I did have a look at how they turn out as adults but I'm afraid I can't quite remember now!

  2. LOL @ Elenie's freakout! Perfect reaction.

    Whoa. Alternate reality!

    Yeah, I'm somehow doubting the twins will be any easier to manage as children. Not Rhonwyn, anyway, lol.

    They're very cute as little girls.

    1. It was a perfect reaction, even if I had to use a mod to enable it! The alternate reality was fun to set up, although it took a lot longer than I'd planned!

      No, Rhonwyn isn't going to be any easier to manage as a child - she'll just have more opportunity to cause chaos.

  3. Oof! I'm with Elenie. That made my chest tight and everything! Yikes!

    That is quite the alternate reality. No wings on anyone, and look at the beautiful Dory there! Wow! All those pictures on the walls! I bet that took you forever to get all of those taken. Whoa. Here's hoping Rhonwyn means it and doesn't do it again any time soon. Though now the girls are children, and not toddlers, I'm betting there will still be plenty of mischief to get up to. Or with such varying temperaments will they be more focused on fussing with each other?

    1. Fortunately for Elenie she didn't have to panic for long, but that moment is going to haunt her for a long time!

      It was a good alternate reality, I've always felt guilty about how I treated Dory and Pete so it was nice to give them an alternate happy ending and yes, it did take forever to get all those photos to put on the walls!

      The twins will definitely still be getting into lots of mischief and, unfortunately for their parents, although they have different temperaments they are going to complement each other rather than clash...

  4. Oh wow! What a chapter! That was a 'what if' reality where Elenie's father (I can't remember his name right now) never died, right? I love how the photos depict Elenie with a happy childhood, unlike the one she had in, ugh, the real world? Rhonwyn's world, in anyway. I found it really bittersweet.

    I really love the twins. <3 Especially Rhonwyn. She's my favourite :)

    1. It is s what if where Elenie's father (Pete) didn't die (he's the old guy going up the stairs in one of the pics :-) ) and Elenie had a normal happy childhood. However in that alternate reality she never met Ieaun, had a different (normal) child and never got to be a faerie so there are some good things that came of the bad in the proper timeline.

      I'm glad Rhonwyn best since she's the heir :-)

  5. I've finally caught up!

    Seeing the alternate reality was so interesting! And the portraits are gorgeous!

    Now to see what Rhonwyn will get up to as a kid.

    1. Yay on catching up :-)

      I'm glad you liked the alternate reality, it was fun to play and to fill all the walls with a photographic record :-)

      I think I can safely say that she'll be getting up to lots of mischief!

  6. Oooh, so Rhonwyn can go into alternate universes...that's interesting. I wonder if she'll ever go to another universe? Or that same universe again? There's a lot of possibilities there!

    1. She might or she might not, to a large extent it will depend on how I'm feeling about it; I haven't entirely made up my mind.

  7. Ending up in an alternate universe would be confusing for an adult, let alone a toddler! I wonder what impact it will have on Rhonwyn as she ages.