Sunday, 18 September 2011

Chapter Eleven

All too soon it was time for Jo to go back to work
 Before leaving she called for a babysitter to take care of Joshua
 The Agency sent a young lad called Miguel Ayres 
 Miguel wasn't the greatest babysitter in the world, after giving Joshua his bottle, he proceeded to pretty much ignore the toddler he was meant to be looking after
 Somehow, Miguel found a battered old guitar in one of the rubble heaps, and he spent the rest of his shift playing it in the kitchen while Joshua played with his doll 
 Jo eventually got home after a long shift at the Bistro 
 And found that Miguel hadn't bothered to change Joshua's nappy 
Once she'd changed Joshua's nappy, Jo went to bed, exhausted by her long day at work, leaving Joshua to play 
Next morning she woke to a splitting headache, fortunately she had a couple of days off work now 
So she lay on her bed and read 
 Then read some more in her chair while Joshua played
 Her life seemed a neverending cycle of work, sleep, look after baby 
Still, she did her best to look after Joshua
Playing with him
And cuddling him
Before tucking him up in his cot
And going to sleep herself
When it was another working day, Jo made sure to cuddle and play with Joshua
Before calling the babysitter
And heading off to work, leaving him fed and happily playing with his doll
While Jo was out at work, Joshua's birthday came around
Joshua developed the Inappropriate trait when he grew up to a child

Bonus pic:- 
"The invisible babysitter"


  1. Ha, Inappropriate is perfect for a kid who was never taught anything.
    I'm so in awe that you've been able to stick it out with having Jo live in such a mess for her depression. I would have caved in and cleaned it all up by now. It would drive me nuts.

  2. I like Joshua's crib. I never noticed it before, but it fits the house so well.

    I'm excited to see his childhood years. It'll definitely be interesting to see how he copes.

  3. Thanks, I've been trying to make everything I add to the house fit in with the general theme of the house

  4. Ha! I love that the babysitter found that guitar. That's just what I'd do if I were a teen in a creepy house... poke around it until I found something interesting. xD

    ...Okay actually I'd be too terrified to touch anything. Even the baby.

  5. Love the invisible baby sitter! Hopefully Joshua is able to perk up Mama's life a little.