Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chapter Seven

 By the time Jo got back from her date it was morning, she was completely shattered, but also starving
 She decided food was the first order of the day, but everything in the fridge had gone off so she had to make some pancakes before she could eat
 Sitting down with her fresh meal she thought about how nice the night was
She was however too tired to finish her meal
 Dropping the plate of half-eaten pancakes on the floor she passed out on her way to the bed!
 Only waking up when it was time to leave for work! 
 She didn't hang around after work that night, she was still so tired she went straight home to bed
 Where she dreamed of moving to somewhere better 
 Morning soon came around again and Jo woke up feeling somewhat refreshed 
 Going for a quick (cold) shower, she was disgusted by the state she'd let the bathroom get into 
 But after eating a plate of leftovers
 She was so disgusted by the state of her house that she just had to get out of there
She thought she'd pay a visit to the consignment store and see if they had anything interesting in stock 
 They didn't but the store clerk did tell her that the local bookstore had a sale on that day
 Leaving the store with a new cooking book, Jo was surprised by a call from Jamieson
 "Did you have fun on our date petal?  I missed you after hours last night..."

"Oh yes, it was wonderful, I was just so tired yesterday that I went straight to bed after work"

"Well, why don't you come over to mine before you start today?"

"I'd love to"
 So Jo turned up at Jamieson's house later that morning, it was a huge place, but felt somewhat cold and soulless...
 Jamieson seemed delighted to see her, greeting her with a kiss 
 Or rather several...

Having completely dazed her with kisses, he suggested they adjourn to his bedroom, conveniently placed right by the front door
 Jo couldn't resist when he suggested they take things a little further... 
 Alas, not long after they were done with that, Jo realised she was running late for work and had to dash off, not that Jamieson seemed bothered about her leaving now the fun was over... 
 Fortunately the bistro had been very quiet that evening so she didn't get in too much trouble 
 In fact that night turned out to be a very quiet night


  1. I really love how incredibly messy Jo's place is. It really shows her depression well.
    And I love how her plumbob was all green after woohoo, lol.

  2. Thanks, I'm finding it quite tricky to show her as depressed tbh

  3. Wow. Poor thing is feeling slightly better about the world, and then she'll have to go back home. :(