Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chapter Twelve

 Looking round the house after aging up Joshua knew he was going to have to take charge
He collected all the plates up and washed them immediately
 That was all he had time for before he had to go to bed 
 The next morning, Jo made some fresh pancakes for both of them 
While she was cooking, Joshua began cleaning up the house  
 After they'd eaten Joshua thanked his mother for cooking breakfast (although all Jo could think about was how the'd wound up slightly overcooked thanks to the stove) 
Before begging her to help him clean the place up 
 Thus began a day of housecleaning...
When Joshua's toy, Cosmo, suddenly came to life, Joshua took this in his stride and simply asked the doll to help him get the house clean!  
Once the house was as clean as Joshua could manage, he had a pillow fight with Cosmo 
 Jo however was quite disturbed and worried to see her son talking to thin air and immediately began blaming herself for being such a bad parent 
 On her way back from work, she'd bought an old dressing up chest and that night Joshua amused himself by pretending to be a prince 
 Jo was even more freaked out later to see the sink suddenly break when there was no-one near it
As they both became tired that night, Joshua asked his mother to read him to sleep  
 So she did 


  1. Joshua has certainly turned out to be helpful. It must be nice to have gotten rid of the fly plates!

  2. Oh yes, I've been eagerly waiting for Joshua to grow up so he can take charge of the house and his mother :)

  3. Hurrah for cleaning! I'm glad Joshua is trying to get everything in order in their house. It really shows the disparity in personality between Jo and Joshua... I like it.

    I'm excited to see his generation get started. Perhaps Jo being able to build her family again will help with her grieving process a bit (although she seems to be getting over that a bit).

  4. I love that even though Jo can't see Cosmo, he's in her thought bubble. I wish EA had remembered that it's kind of hard to blame folks you don't even know exist!
    Here's to hoping Joshua isn't the adult in the relationship with his mother. Poor Jo.