Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chapter Six

Despite having had a good time the previous night, Jo still felt miserable when she woke up, a situation not helped by the state of her house
 And her day was about to get worse, she'd completely forgotten about paying the bills and now the Repoman had turned up!
 He started off by taking her (unused) laundry bin
 Not satisfied with that, he moved on to take a small pot of ferns she'd found when she moved in and placed on her bedside table
Jo meanwhile was staring at her broken sink, trying to summon up the will top try and repair it
 Before deciding she just couldn't cope and having hysterics at the Repoman (which he completely ignored) 
 Job done, he walked out with the confiscated goods, leaving Jo feeling even more depressed
 She turned to her only retreat - a book - which she read until it was time for work
 After work, Jamieson was waiting for her
 She told him all about the terrible day she'd had 
 And how happy she was to see him
 Jamieson suggested that they spend the rest of the evening at the nearby Country Club
So the two of them hopped in a taxi and headed off 
He then proceeded to flirt and flatter her 
 Jo was overwhelmed by his compliments, she wasn't used to thinking anything good about herself 
 And she certainly wasn't used to handsome men being so complimentary or indeed flirting with her at all!
 She was even more surprised and impressed when he handed her a bunch of red roses!
 "Oh Jamieson, they're so beautiful, and they smell so sweet"
"Just like you my beauty" 
 After he offered her a massage
 Which he turned out to be remarkably good at
 She made no objections to him taking her into his arms
 And she just couldn't resist his kisses...


  1. Hmm, a guy that can afford to take her to the country club?? Hold on to this one Jo!!

  2. Shame about the evil & insane parts of his character...

  3. Jamieson Moriarty! Oh no! What did she get herself into?

  4. I love how the barman has this disapproving expression on his face - like he knows it won't end well.

  5. Oh boy that guy made some weird faces. He is up to no good I bet.