Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chapter Fifty Nine

Not long after the wedding, there was more cause for celebration in the family as it was a joint birthday for Niamara and the triplets.

Nia went first, held up to the birthday cake by her grannie to blow out the candles.
She aged up into a lovely, if somewhat over-emotional child and Tamara worried about how she would react when she understood that her mother had effectively abandoned her.
She didn't have much time to worry though as it was also time for the triplets to grow up to toddlers.

First Karal 
Followed by Kariny 
And finally Kyra.  
Mira and Liang had been invited over to the Sperie-Sabo's for a "little get-together" to celebrate the birth of Fabio and Adalyn's first child, a boy called Kane, so Tamara took charge of feeding the triplets and putting them to bed. 
The party was quite a relaxed affair, just a few friends and close family.  Mira spent some time catching up with Fabio
While Liang discussed magic, especially binding spells with Aquarius and, having recognised his heritage immediately, asked him to keep an eye out for any powers the young triplets (or Mira's new baby when it arrived) might develop while he couldn't be there.
Unfortunately, as the party was breaking up and the guests were leaving, Mira went into labour.
Liang wanted to drive her to the hospital but she insisted on going straight home instead. 
They didn't even get into the house before Mira gave birth though. 
Again she had a multiple birth, this time having twins, a boy whom they called Dyan and a girl they called Dorilys.

Unfortunately their happiness was not to last, the very next morning Liang got the phone call he'd been dreading.
"Liang, it's your mother, I'm sorry child but the binding is weakening, you're going to have to come home as quickly as you can.  I wish I could give you more time with your children but it won't hold any longer." 
"I'll be there as soon as I've said goodbye to Mira." 
Leaving the nursery, he went in search of Mira who'd just woken up.  "I'm sorry my love, I've just had a call from my mother, I have to return to Shang Simla.  Get dressed and meet me outside as soon as you can." 
Outside, he embraced her and they kissed goodbye. 
Then Mira watched as Liang began to meditate, her eyes welling up with tears she blinked to clear her gaze and he was gone. 

Town News
  • Tyson Marlin got a job in the military.
  • Gideon Harris & Quynh Sperie got engaged.
  • Scarlett and Elijah McKinley had (another) baby boy called Bernard.
  • Ryan Crist and Faye McKinley started dating.
  • Adabella Sperie and Gary Fields-Vamp started dating.
  • Adalyn & Fabio Sperie-Sabo had a baby boy called Kane.


  1. Can I just say that i love how the McKinley's tend to populate their own town? (Town News)

    I was soooo happy to see Fabio and that hairstyle just really suits him. O_o Love the triplets, they're all so cute and I hope Miralys can handle 6 kids without her husband. Doubt her parents will last much longer.

    1. I think (hope) Joshua and Tamara should last at least until they're all children, at which point they should become reasonably manageable.

      As for the McKinley's populating their own town, they've barely gotten started so far! There are a few pregnancies and weddings coming up from various of the families I added to the world when I started it.

  2. That is a LOT of kids. x.x

  3. Hurrah for Gideon. He caught himself a looker.

    I just wanted to mention that I love the triplets names. They're so adorable too. :D

  4. Oh my goodness! Six babies/toddlers! What a full house! I bet you had your hands full for a while there.