Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chapter Sixty One

Not long after the twins' birthday, it was Nia's ballet recital, Mira managed to attend, leaving her parents to look after all five toddlers.

The triplets had learned most of their important skills by now and could be left alone to play with their toys while the adults taught Dorilys and Dyan the skills they would need.

Tamara and Joshua started the twins off on potty training

And Mira continued to call Liang regularly to keep him updated on the progress of their children.

Somewhere in the midst of all this toddler madness, Smudge aged up to an elder.

As the days went on, Joshua and Tamara taught the twins to walk.

And Mira took her turn at teaching them to talk.
One thing did puzzle the adults somewhat, Dorilys seemed to always be playing with an odd doll when she wasn't learning something from her mother or grandparents and yet none of them could remember buying it or knew where it came from...

They didn't have much time to wonder about it though, with five toddlers to feed, bathe, teach skills to etc it was hard enough still making time for Nia without trying to work out where one random doll had come from
Indeed, by the time Mira got to bed each night she was so tired she would drop straight off and dream of the days when she actually had time to do things like go to the gym

Finally, it was the triplets' birthday and Mira decided it would be nice if they all went out to the park for the day.  Nia was at school but she promised she'd come straight to the park after school rather than go home.

At the park, Mira gave each of the triplets a go on one of the toddler rides, while the other two chatted together.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Tamara got on with finishing teaching the twins to walk.

When Nia arrived after school she gave the triplets a bottle of milk each, while Mira began cooking a BBQ for the older members of the family.

While she was waiting for Mira to finish, Nia played games with her small cousins.

Later, as Mira, Nia, Joshua and Tamara ate their hot dogs, the triplets played quietly together with some of the toys at the park.

As the evening drew on though it was time for the birthday cakes.  Karal went first, becoming a party animal as he aged to a child.

Next up was Kariny, who became a bit of a bookworm like her grandfather.

And finally it was Kyra's turn, she aged up into a very excitable child.

When they got home, a number of changes had been made to the bedrooms.  The nursery was turned into a room for the girls and another room done up as a bedroom for the boys.  Nia still had her own room though.

Pet Spam
Town News
  • Gideon and Quhyn Sperie-Harris adopted a kitten called Egan
  • Raindrop Sabo aged to a YA and got a job in science
  • Tempest Sabo aged to a YA and got a job in music
  • Rian Harris-Crist aged to a child
  • Salvador Harris-McKinley aged to a toddler
  • Anastasia McKinley and Raindrop Sabo got negaged
  • Menolly started dating Tempest Sabo
  • Pacey and Glimmer Sabo-Harris had twins, a girl called Christy and a boy called Antoine.
  • The McKinleys adopted a foal called Sutter
  • Adamina Sperie adopted a cat called Gilbert
  • Tyson Marlin got a job in the military 
  • Ellis and Nathaniel Harris-McKinley had a baby girl called Brook


  1. The triplets grew up so cute! I love Karal's hair style. It's really quite adorable.

    Town news: Aaaaw Menolly got a new boyfriend? I never did get to see how Temp would grow up, I hope he doesn't break her heart.

    1. I'm afraid she may break his heart instead, I'll try and get a pic of him at some point so you can see how he's grown up

    2. It's all good. I always imagined Temp as the class bad boy so if Menolly's breaks up with him I'll just giggle to myself a little.

  2. Yay for birthdays! At least there are 3 less toddlers in game for you.