Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chapter Fifty Eight

After Miralys had given birth and all three babies were safely in their cribs, she and Liang retired to her room.
Mira was tired after the long labour, but not too tired to show Liang just how pleased she was to see him and how happy she was that he'd made it in time for the birth of their children. 

In the morning Joshua and Tamara volunteered to look after the babies for the day and sent Mira and Liang off for some time alone.  The two of them were by now experienced in looking after babies and were happy to dote on their three new grandchildren.  Mira and Liang had called their little boy Karal and the two girls Kyra and Kariny.
Of course, Joshua and Tamara were careful not to leave Niamara out of things and spent plenty of time playing with her in between feeding and changing the babies.

Mira took Liang to the local beach bar, where he bought drinks for the two of them.
As the two of them drank, Mira asked Liang how he'd been able to get away given his responsibilities in Shang Simla.

"I can't remember whether I told you back in Shang Simla but when my ancestors imprisoned Dong Hua all those centuries ago, the dragon who helped them passed some magic into them and it has carried down in the blood to all of us who are descended from them.  It isn't a great deal, but it is enough that working together we are able to put the Dragon Cave where he is imprisoned out of time for a short while.  It won't last for long and my mother will call me home when she sees the spell will fail soon as if it fails that will in itself be enough to wake Dong Hua."

Mira immediately realised the unspoken import of what Liang had just told her.  "So, if you have magic in your blood passed down the generations, does that mean our children will inherit it?"

"Yes, almost certainly, although for most of us it remains dormant unless we choose to learn how to use it.  However it is possible that their powers will be stronger and that they may not remain dormant.  It's also possible that they will inherit something from your side of the family; Mother told me she saw that there are powers in your blood too."
"But don't worry too much about it now, we'll deal with that if it happens"  added Liang kissing her "for now, let's just enjoy being with each other" 
Having successfully distracted Mira from her worries, Liang then went down on one knee...

"Miralys, I know I can't be here for you and for our children permanently, and I know you can't move to Shang Simla with me, but I love you and if I can't be here I can at least give you my name and our children legitimacy.  I will understand if you want to find someone else who can be here for you, but would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" 
"Oh, Liang, I would love to.  I know what you're doing back in Shang Simla is important and I'd rather be married to you and living apart than be with anyone else!  Of course I'll marry you!"

Meanwhile, back home, Rascal had grown from a kitten to an adult cat while everyone else was preoccupied with the babies. 

Mira and Liang sent out invitations to some of Mira's friends for a wedding at the Clemetis house a few days later, and the night before the wedding Mira realised she was pregnant again.
The wedding day itself didn't get off to a great start, as the Grim Reaper turned up to take Midnight.
The whole family were saddened see the Grim Reaper ride Midnight's spirit away, even though he had lived to a great old age.

However, it wasn't long before the guests arrived and everyone gathered in the back yard to watch Mira and Liang exchange vows.
The happy couple exchanged rings and Mira took Liang's name.  When it came to signing the register, they also made sure that the triplets were given their father's surname.

All the guests applauded (and cried) as the wedding ceremony concluded. 
Before following the newly-weds inside for the ceremonial cutting of the cake and a delicious wedding buffet. 

Pet Spam

Town News
  • Menolly has given birth to a baby girl called Bobbie.
  • Gideon Harris has been dating Stacia Fields-Vamp and Quynh Sperie.
  • Tempest Ocean and Adamina Sperie have split up.
  • Adabella Sperie has adopted a dog called Ancha.
  • Quetzl has got a new job as a paparazzi.
  • Elijah McKinley has aged to Adult and adopted a dog called Bonnie.
  • Ellis Harris and Nathaniel McKinley are expecting a baby.


  1. Gideon is a playa'. And Ellis is having a baby with one of my favorite sims EVAH... adorable.

    Mira and Liang's wedding. <3 Love it.

  2. I'm so so so happy to see the wedding, but will miss Liang greatly when he has to leave again. Love the baby names!