Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chapter Four

When she woke up the next morning Jo felt cautiously optimistic for the first time in ages
   Having had to throw away the spoiled leftovers the previous day, she started making a fresh batch of waffles
 After eating she decided to go out and explore the small park near her house
 Whilst there she was lucky enough to find a light beetle, before spending some time reading
 All too soon it was time to go to work, but Jo didn't feel quite so worried about it today, having made friends with Freya the previous day, in fact she was quite looking forward to seeing her again and learning more from her
 Poor Jo though was in for a shock when she got to work - Freya had died of old age that morning!
Shocked & sad she headed home after her shift, not even caring that she'd finally had some praise for her performance at work
After grabbing some leftovers from the fridge to eat 
 She wandered down to the river behind her house, feeling so miserable she couldn't rest 
 Staring out at the river she wondered why so many bad things were happening around her
"What's the point?" Jo wondered,  "Just when I thought life might be starting to improve it goes & kicks me in the teeth again"
 "It's like I'm a curse on the people I get to know, my family all dead in a stroke, and just when I finally make friends with someone here she dies too..."
"Would anyone care, or even notice, if I died too?" 
 Eventually she dragged herself back to the house and collapsed in her bed, crying herself to sleep where she dreamed of might-have-beens


  1. Aww, that's such a depressing chapter!! Poor Jo! I wanna give her a hug! And Freya dying?? Man...

    (Well done!)

  2. I feel so sorry for Jo. She seems like she could be real sweet, if only she could get out of her funk! I love how the plumbob is red and orange in a lot of the pictures... it kind of represents her depressed mood. Great job Ali!

  3. I didn't even actually kill Freya, story progression did! Jo was on her way to work when I got the notification that Freya had died of old age so I just had to work that into the story

  4. This chapter reminds me of a song by the White Stripes:
    "I go down to the river
    Filled with regret
    I go down and I wonder
    If there was any reason left
    I left just before my lungs could get wet
    I'm lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet"

    I agree with Buckley, seeing the red plumbob shows how miserable life really is for Jo.

  5. I feel really sorry for Jo. She just can't get a break, can she?